Monday, May 28, 2007

It's the little things........

We thought we'd do something we haven't done in a while- post a note that is nothing but positive. Today Faith had her first ride in her swing. This was exciting for all of us- for a moment we forgot that she was sick- she happily swung in her swing just like a "normal," healthy baby. Watching her "be a baby" for once was such a delight. :) We know this is just the beginning in Faith doing "baby" things- and we'll certainly enjoy and appreciate every minute of them!
Have a good week!
Brian and Jen
Whoa! What is this thing? I've never experienced this before!!!
Ahhhh......actually this is kinda of nice!

Boy! All of that swinging tired me out! (This is one of Faith's favorite positions- while she is in our lap she rests on the boppy). She is so funny- she always has to have her arms near her face- her favorite position is sleeping on her hands. We do this too!


Anonymous said...

so sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing your "baby" moment!!
Jamie and boys

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so beautiful! There will be many more positive moments. I was so happy to see you guys enjoying the good times! Those times are what will see you through everyday! Treasure every moment with her. We love you!

Katie and John

Tyler and Caleb said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh ~ She is soooo precious! I bet she's so fun to snuggle with ~:o) The butterfly blanket is beautiful too...
Lots of Love,