Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Waiting Game Part II

The picture on top was taken about 2 months ago. The bear in the picture is about 4 inches long. The bottom picture was taken today. As you can see, the bear is as big as her head! At 4 pounds, 6 ounces Faith has more than tripled her birth weight. Although she is still behind her peers (other babies born at her weight) she is doin' pretty good for a gal whose been through as much as she has!
The next week is a life changing week for Faith. Tomorrow she will receive another eye exam. The specialist will determine if she needs another eye surgery. If not she will be taken off of the vent in the next few days for one last try at breathing on her own. If she cannot do it, then she will need a surgery to open her airway (which could mean a trach). We are a wary of her chances of making it, seeing how she has been reintubated so many times in the last week, however we are going keep the FAITH!!!
Thanks for praying for Faith this week, we truly need another miracle!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Wow I didnt think this sweet angel could get any more beautiful but daily she gets more and more beautiful! I like how you compare her so we can "see" her progress! 4 pounds 6 oz...YAHOOO good for her! What a fighter..this child has and always will have the will to live! I can not wait to meet my sweet angel in person and hold her!
Keep the HOPE Brian and Jen and ALWAYS keep the FAITH! ;)

Ya;ll have been through more than some people can say they have been in a lifetime!

May God continue to watch over Faith and that the docs have great news today!

Ilove you guys
Aunt Susan
xo xo xoxo

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