Wednesday, May 2, 2007


YAY for CPAP! As you can see Faith's eyes are swollen from surgery.
Faith's nurse Erin took these pictures while taking her off the vent and putting her on CPAP. Once again it is nice to see her untubed (even if it is just a few seconds!)

It's official. Faith is extubated and on CPAP. When we left this evening she was doing great!!! This is Faith's last shot. She's doing pretty good so far! Today the retinaologist examined Faith's eyes. Fortunately he was able to re-laser a part of her eye that still showed abnormal vascular growth. This was great that he did it today-we didn't have to wait. Unfortunately we did receive some potentially scary news. Faith's ROP has cleared up, however there is some scar tissue growing where the plus disease was. If these fibrous layers continue to pull away it could detach the retina. If this happens, Faith would be blind. At this point there is really nothing they can do. There is a complex procedure that involves shrinking the eye to fit the retina, but it is very invasive and does not have favorable outcomes. We won't worry about this unless it happens and we are going to have FAITH that it won't. After all We live by FAITH not by sight (2 Corn. 5:7)

Please continue to pray with us that Faith will make it on the CPAP, and that her eyes will be healed.

Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

YAHOOOO! Thats great news and I pray that I wake up in the morning and see she is still on CPAP and the Docs bring more good news! What beautiful pictures..I cant WAIT to hold that sweet sweet angel.

God Bless

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