Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 123

Faith looooves her pacifier- it is the way she self soothes and copes with stress- she always falls asleep with it in her mouth- while sleeping they often pop out and can be found somewhere smushed to her face (or on the floor!)

Faith had a pretty good week. Just last night she hit the 6 pound mark! Woowhoo! She has been taking about half of her feeds by bottle- the other half through her tube. This week the doctors cut some of her medications like her diuretic and potassium. This is always exciting news.
This week we also had a care conference with Faith's care team to discuss the plan for the next month or so. So far the plan is to ween Faith very slowly from her high flow cannula. This week she went down to 3/4 a liter- next week we will try 1/2. This is where we got into trouble a few weeks ago- Faith was weened to 1/2 a liter and started having lots of problems (which prompted the bronchs, etc.) If she has a good weekend we will ween on Monday. After she is successful on the 1/2 a liter for a while (at least a week or so) then we will try the low flow. The low flow then needs to weened to a level that is safe to come home on. Our goal is the beginning of July- in fact we joked how it would be cool if she came home on July 4th because it would be Faith's Independence day!
Alright, so that's our plan! Now if there's anything we have learned about Faith in the last four months is she has a way of changing plans, but it helps to have some goals in mind! In the meantime Faith still needs to eat consistently.
We are having FAITH that Faith will be coming home in time to hear those fireworks! (or maybe the day after because that might be really frightening for her!)
Well thanks for stopping by!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

My goodness, she gets prettier and prettier as the days go by! I JUST love that little girl!
6 pounds..YAHOOO..that was what I was when I was born! Way to go Faith!

I KNEW you would show everyone that God is just taking a little extra time on you! How blessed we ALL are with you! You keep showing everyone how strong you are!

Now, you need to eat consistenly if you want to come home soon. Show them you can and will do this to get home SOON!

I may just have to fly out there to meet you in person when that special day comes!

Brian and Jen:
Thanks for the you tube. Everytime I see one of Faith it brings tears of joy to my eyes. It shows everyone that if this little angel can go through what she has already had to endure, noone can complain about ANYTHING! She and y'all are such an inspiration to so many including me!
I will be sending a little something out to you on Monday!

THANK YOU GOD for Baby Faith! She IS a testimony to all!

I love you
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

She is so incredibly beautiful! We love you guys and we are overjoyed that Faith is doing so well! One day at a time and she has come in her own time. The Lord has used her for His purpose and she is reaching multitudes of people with her life! Talk about living a life that reaches nations! We love you guys and we will be talking to you soon. LOVE YOU!

Your Friends Who Dearly Love you!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting to see your little miracle growing big and strong. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

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