Saturday, June 23, 2007

"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

We have been so focused on Faith's breathing and eating we forgot about her eyes. Today the status on Faith's eyes was clearly explained to us. Basically, Faith will most likely be blind in her left eye. Her retina is pulling and is showing some detachment. Because of the way it is pulling, there isn't a way to correct it. Her right eye looks better (still has Stage 3 ROP), but she will likely suffer vision loss in that eye as well. When I asked if this is why our 5 month old daughter has never looked at us or made eye contact, the answer came in the form of a tearful nod. Now we know what to pray for. Faith will have another eye exam early this week. Please join us in prayer for our little Faith.
It's time for another miracle!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

You are correct, " We walk by FAITH not by sight" God will heal Faith, I know it in my heart! Look at all the miracles so far!

You hang in there.
The first Miracle is FAITH is here and a beautiful little girl!

Second: She has overcome so much so far.

And third: She is a fighter thats for sure!

Faith has a purpose and God KNOWS what that purpose is!

I pray she keeps her site so she can see what beautiful parents you are but IF and I SAY IF she doesnt..she can hear your sweet voices as she already has and KNOW she is loved beyond measure!

I see her eyes and how bright they are!

I love you guys!

Aunt Susan

Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

Just checking on my baby! I hope today was a better day!

We love you
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike


Anonymous said...

JEN AND BRIAN: I googled the above message from Rodrigo and had it translated. It is an advertisement for personlized Tshirts. If you copy and paste in google it will tell you what it says. Sorry but thought you should know.


Also to Rodrigo:
This is a blog for people who are praying for this child of God and who know the family. This is not a place for you to advertise personilized T-shirts that you profit from. Thank you.