Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Faith's First Fourth!

Today was not only Faith's first Independence Day but her 150th day of life AND her official 5 month birthday! We thought we'd celebrate her life by sharing some recent pictures with you;

This picture (above) was totally unset up! During Faith's physical therapy session she played supermodel by resting her head on her arms- providing a perfect picture opportunity Moments later she fell asleep! (Below)


We are still waiting for that first "real" smile- but this will do for now! Did we mention Faith is 7 1/2 pounds now? WAY TO GO FAITH!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4th my precious child! You look marvelous! The most gorgeous girl in that hospital! I love the outfit! hehehe!

I showed your info and pictures to the Doc across the street who is a preemie doc and he says you LOOK healthy and great! He said keep on fighting and that you are a very special little girl to have gone through so much!

God has such GREAT plans for you. I know tomorrow is a big day and you may be a little scared but no worries...God is right there with you and has hand picked the docs out for you. ;)

Take a DEEP breath! LIFE IS GOOD!

Jen and Brian:
We will pray for you tomorrow as well. I know this is tough on you to be waiting! But the wait is and will be worth it! I PROMISE!

Let us know how she did through the surgery.

We love you guys!
Aunt Susan
PS the pictures are so darn cute!!!!