Tuesday, July 3, 2007


If there's one thing we are certain about Faith it is that she looooves music. She has a little cd player in her room that plays lullabies almost 24-7. Her favorite (yes, she has a favorite- she's a picky one!) has the song Kumbiya.

I remember singing that song as a girl scout. At the time I thought the song was silly, the words:"someones crying my Lord, Thank you God?" What in the world did that mean? As I rocked Faith to those words today, I finally realized what the song meant. In three days we will no longer be able to hear Faith cry (until her trach comes out which the ENT said will be at least a year because they don't take trachs out in the winter).

Faith has given us such a special gift; to appreciate life- every little bit of it- even the crying. I know many people have questioned why God has not healed her- he could have certainly healed her airway by now. But if we had not gone through what we have- we would not be who we are today. Today we are stronger, have MORE Faith than we ever thought possible, and can truly say we appreciate every rain drop that falls from the sky. We don't understand why Faith has had to endure what she has- but we know there is a perfect plan for her life- she has already changed so many peoples hearts and she is only 5 months old! To that we say; Kumbiya


Kelly said...

Jen, I love you! You are so wonderful and Faith is so lucky to have a mom like you. I miss you too, so if you ever get a spare minute, give me a call!

Anonymous said...

YOU GOT IT KID!!!! It takes sometimes YEARS to "get it" and sometimes for some they never realize it or understand that!

God gives us opportunities for things..this IS an opportunity..I know thats sounds weird but it is. It is to show FAITH. TRUE Faith in things we do not understand and all the WHY'S!

It is teaching Faith never to give up and that LIFE always has a purpose ! But most of all, for Faith to receive the gift of you two as parents! REMEMBER that!

This has taught me personally, that LIFE is a gift..ever day , every minute ! We must cherish EVERY moment..not just some. But the most important thing is my Faith has strengthen and so have so many other people through all of this. Their Faith is seeing you two and what an inspiration it is!

FAITH will do great in the surgery and though she cannot speak...and her vision is blurry and its hard to see...SHE HEARS! SHE LISTENS and SHE LEARNS how very much she is loved.

A lesson MANY should learn! Many people just talk but never listen to learn..she is teaching us ALL that! I can see it in her beautiful eyes..she KNOWS she IS LOVED by MANY!

I love you guys!

Hugz and MANY kisses,
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. We are in awe of your strength and positive thinking. We are thinking of both of you, and praying for Faith. Keep your heads up...


Grant, Kaia, Connor and Lauren Nesbitt

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

The Lord is doing great things.. He is teaching us all what the meaning of life is all about. Faith is so very blessed to have you and Brian as her parents! Finding Joy in the midst of all things and you truly have.

We are praying for the surgery tomorrow and lifting Faith up to the Lord. She is in His hands. We love you and we are here for you.

We celebrate life one breath at a time.

We love you,

Katie and John