Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Groundhog's Day Part 2

For those of you that have been following the blog for a while you know how things rarely go our way- so no, Faith did not come home today. We'll give it another shot tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry- I keep thinking that today is the day. Hang in there! She will come, oh yes, she will come home! Think on the bright side, more time to get some sleep! :) Also it is good to know that you all are ready for her to come home. Jen, Brian and Faith are all ready tobe a family under the same roof!
We will keep praying, and makeing you more meals! :)


Anonymous said...

OKOK here we go...well the positive is knowing that today was not the time to come home for SOME reason, whatever that reason could be..GOD KNOWS BEST. That is always GOOD to know that HE is in control and does what is BEST for us.
She will be home SOON...hang in there...I mean, you know Faith.. maybe she is just testing your sense of humor maybe? :)
Maybe she wants to make sure YOU guys are ready for her...catch up on all your sleep if you can and she will in your arms in your home VERY SOON.

Prayers are still coming your way......keep a positive attitude ok. All will be good and you will all be a family IN YOUR OWN home soon.

We love you,
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

August is her month I know it. Be patient - slow & steady - one day at a time.......God has reasons for stalling this homecoming. Hah - a party for one - how special to have the nurses all do that - see, so it was for a reason ONE MORE DAY happened. Fresh start for Faith is August I feel it. She is practicing sleeping w/ her family, sitting in a car seat, she too is adjusting to "life" outside the NICU. I have good vibes that this is the weekend for them.

She remains in our prayers - Arizona Monsoons & all - God brings the floods to help you appreciate the sunshine that drys up the rain - and boy has this family ever felt the floods - it'll be sunny for them soon!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great week.
( Aunt Sue's friend in Arizona)

Anonymous said...

We pray every day for "baby Faith", as we've been calling her.

Her photos and your messages of hope have touched our hearts, and we feel connected to all of you.

We're not as close as those nurses who honored your family, and, we're sure, your commitment to this sweet girl.

God bless good parents, and if you ever need help from California, from part of your "adopted family" (just ask Mike and Susan!), just call. Truly.

We are blessed to be part of your circle, and thank you, with deep gratitude for sharing your story with us.

Please know that you are thought about, and prayed over, often, from the other side of the country.

we wish you all happiness as you await Faith's homecoming,

love, Hadi and Kathleen

( The reporter Mike met in Afghanistan)

Anonymous said...

I just sent a package to my girl...HOPE she loves it. We had fun putting together! She will get it when she comes home and I am SURE that will be soon!

Aunt Susan

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