Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

For the past few months Faith's coming home outfit(a pink onesie with the words "Worth the Wait" have been hanging by her bedside on an IV pole. We've been waiting for the day she could wear it. Today was her day.
Above: Strap me in! I'm ready to go! After many tearful goodbyes Faith was put in her car seat and ready to go. Below: One of Faith's primary nurses (who has been taking care of her since her 2nd day of life) walks us out. This was a significant picture because we've walked this hallway everyday for the past 6 months. The walk to the car is always the hardest because that meant we were leaving our baby. Today the walk took on a new meaning. And the fact that Faith got to travel in an elevator that went to an exit and not a surgery floor was amazing!

Above: Faith sees light for the first time!!!! She's a 1/2 of a year old and has never been outside...until today! Even though she was sleeping- it was a shock to her body! Below: Faith's nurse (Aunt Teena) says goodbye.

Above: Going for the ride of her life! Below: Home, Sweet Home!

Faith "sees" her butterfly room for the first time.

The irony in all of this is we have been putting together her room for the past YEAR and she will spend little time there. Since she is very attached to equipment her main "stations" are in our bedroom and in the living room.

Below: There's no place like home!

After 178 days in the NICU we are THRILLED to announce that Faith is FINALLY home!!!!!! We got a very happy phone call this morning saying that it was ok to discharge! The whole day since then has been a whirlwind. Leaving the NICU was very emotional. After our good-byes and exciting car ride home we were greeted by our medical supply company and respiratory therapist who helped us set everything up and get Faith off and running. Since then we have been very busy unpacking supplies, suctioning Faith, organizing stuff, suctioning Faith, etc. ;) I don’t think it has hit us yet. For months we’ve waited for this day, and it has finally arrived. It’s almost like we are playing house. For months it seems like Faith wasn’t our baby and suddenly we are responsible for her! We received a discharge summary today that stated everything that Faith has gone through- boy that girl is tough! She has really been through the ringer. As we’ve said before she is such an inspiration. As we walked out of the NICU we couldn't stop thinking how proud we were of her. SHE MADE IT! The odds were stacked very high against her and her beat them. Once again, she is our hero! Well, we want to tell you more about our exciting day but we have a goal to make it through this next week; sleep when Faith sleeps. Cuz Lord knows she won’t be sleeping at 3am!’s off to bed...where we get to sleep next to our baby! (Can you believe it?!!!!!)
Thank you all so much. If there is one thing this whole ordeal has taught us is that people are good. We have experienced true kindness of humanity. For that we are very grateful.
Brain and Jen :)
PS: For those of you out there wondering (yes, we know you are wondering) no, Faith did not meet her "brothers" (the dogs) today. We wisely planned a sleepover at grandmas because we knew the first few days/nights would be hectic. We will keep you updated!


Mommy & Daddy said...

Congrats!!! We are very happy for you guys...Faith is finally home. Soon our day will be coming as well, we long for the day Rylie is carried out of the hopsital and seeing daylight for the first just Faith. All our prayers are with you guys. Sorry, we missed you today. We really wanted to say bye and thank you both for all of you kindness. We're blessed to of met such Wonderful and good hearted people like yourselves. We Love You guys, Charlene N Derrick

Kristie said...

This is the best news. I am so happy for your family. Now it is time for the next chapter to start.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! Celebration!
We are so happy for you to be together at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can't have enough "!")
Her room looks amazing and she will get plenty of time in it!
It's a new chapter!
Love you
Jamie Hanes
ps...sleep...who needs it??!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a GLORIOUS DAY!!! What a beautiful family you are!

Yes, Faith AND YOU two have been through the ringer but I told you from day one...SHE is a fighter and GOD will get her through this. This was all in HIS timing and HE always picks a perfect time!

I am sure the goodbyes were bitter sweet and I am so thankful for such loving nurses to help get our Baby Faith ( as people call her) home.

What ride she has been through and what a miracle God has shown us through Faith. How SPECIAL is that!
The lessons are that you should always believe and have HOPE and never quit..just work harder AND SHE DID!

Her room is beautiful and she will love it! Take her in there daily rocking her and loving her!
I am sure it is an undescribable feeling bringing YOUR baby home. Your emotions about not feeling as if she were really yours in the NICU makes alot of sense but she definitly is and you guys are on the next chapter of this story!

This story is such a beautiful story that tells of life, love, hope, believe, trust and FAITH!

We love you and wont keep you here reading so you can be with YOUR baby! ENJOY and take time as a is an adjustment but a glorious one! If you get a breath
and some We love you and cant express how happy and thrilled we are that she is home. AND how very proud of you ALL for hanging in there when it got tough and never giving up.

God Bless you always,
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wow! We're so happy for Brian, Jen and Faith. Her incredible journey is so inspiring. God is good!
Marva Campbell and family
( Your Aunt Sue's friend)

Tyler and Caleb said...


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing Faith with me. I’m so overcome with joy and all kinds of emotions as I read about Faith’s homecoming. WOW. I will continue to pray for Faith and her loving family. Talk soon.
(a friend of your Aunt Susan's)

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with tears coming down my cheeks. What an amazing story. I feel like a cheerleader helping her try to win the game! And she did it!!! I have a friend who said it is usally only the girls who win these battles. They are the fighters at such a young age. I don't know if it's true, but I don't think we'll see a greater (or better) fighter than Faith.
Her folks deserve a lot of credit. and they look so happy! Thanks for taking me on this ride. It's quite a story. Send pictures along the way.
Thanks again.
( A long old time friend of your Aunts..I used to babysit her kids HA!)

daryl & sara said...


Brian Kulpa said...

Brian, it's been a while. Congratulations and best of wishes to all 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't expecting to be breaking down in tears at my office this morning. We are so happy for all of you, and continue to be in awe of your attitude and refreshing outlook on this very trying experience. You all are amazing. Congratulations!

Hang in there,

Grant and Kaia

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sue for keeping us posted on this wonderful story. Faith is surrounded by so much love and she is so cute such a fighter. Brian and Jen are amazing how they handle these difficult problems and ups and downs. God bless them all. Just tell them, folks they don't even know in a small town in northern CA have been with them through out all this the best they can and of course continue to be with them.
Also give our best to Mary. How is she doing?
Love Dad
( Aunt Susan's Dad in CAlifornia)

Anonymous said...

I had to get on here and again and say:


WAY TO GO MOM AND DAD! Don't you LOVE the sound of that! ;)

We love you,
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

We are so excited that "God's plans for baby Faith are to be at home now". It has been so wonderful keeping up with her life in the hospital, and now you begin a new chapter. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs, and we will continue to pray for you.

Joan, Les and Sharee' Morse

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! This has been a much anticipated and prayed for day that has finally come! of course, I realize hat there is still much care to give her, but each milestone of the precious gift of life is something to celebrate and be thankful for.
Please let me know if I can help you or Brian in any way, or if I can help you or "Growlma Mary" with caring for Elway and Buffalo.

Love ya dearly,

Uncle Paul / "Uncle Paws"

Anonymous said...

I am weepy, oh my goodness.. the day has finally come and to see the joy on your faces just brings so much peace to my heart. To finally see the joy in you both knowing that you are now COMPLETE! You are now a complete family. We love you both so very, very much and we are rejoicing with you every moment!! WAHOO!! This is such a celebration.. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOU ARE SOVEREIGN OVER ALL SITUATIONS!! You guys can do this, we ask the Lord to give you strength and to renew your spirits that you can find joy at 3:00am because your little angel is home!! YAY!! LOVE YOU

Katie and John!!! AHHH I AM SO EXCITED!! I HAVE TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE!! What a testimony she is, look at all of these messages, she is changing the world one life at a time!

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions Brian and Jen and welcome home Faith.
I have been following Faith's progress and she is always in my prayers.
Thank you for sharing your story and showing the world how important life is.
Her name is perfect.
Congrats again.
Mrs. Kulpa

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