Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Mysterious Trach!

I walked into the NICU today and Faith was under respiratory distress-r pretty much old school Faith. After an emergency trach change she looked a lot better. Unlocking the mystery of the trach was the name of the game today. Was she plugged? Was the trach the right size? Was it a lung issues? Is she sick? After countless x-rays and blood tests the ENT who did her tracheotomy came and checked her out. He upgraded her to a larger trach, and cauterized a growth that was growing around her trach site. Once this took place, she looked like she felt better. She still is acting a little "off" so we are thinking she might be sick- it will take a few days before we know for sure (we are waiting for something to grow in her cultures) so we don't really know what this little one is doing! All we know is the minute we start talking about going home something else comes up! Oh well- we will get there eventually- perhaps it's time to start enrolling in St. Joseph Preschool (just kidding!) She'll get there! In other news Faith had her eye exam yesterday- same old story- which makes since because Faith is still not looking at us, or at any other objects for that matter. At her next exam (which will hopefully be an outpatient exam) she will be fitted for glasses (for her right eye, which they are all hoping has some vision with the correction). So just when we were enjoying being able to see her face- we are going to trade oxygen tubing for plastic frames- oh well!
Thanks for stopping by to check on our little angel!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

What a day y'all had yesterday! Hopefully they get the trach thing right so we dont have to go through this. I am sure it isnt good for her body to go through these emergencies but maybe it takes time to "fit" a trach the right size for her. (swelling , and growing etc.)
What kind of growth was by her trach site? IS this normal to have scar tissue?

OK NEW RULE : Do not say the "H" word until you are in the car home and calling everyone to say she is in her OWN room and OWN bed HA! That little stinker!

I didnt know they can fit children that little for cute is that! You neeed to send a picture of that. She will gorgeous in whatever she has on.

She does have a beautiful face...she will look stlyish, tell her! ;)

Well you said she is off a little..PROB sick from all the poking and proding..she just wants to rest.

Keep your great attitudes and know WE all are praying for you and love you guys!

I sent a couple little outfits that I THOUGHT I had already sent...getting old is tough HA! Hopefully they fit her, if not give them to another preemie...but Michelle bought one and I bought the other. I LOVE buying these little clothes...its fun!

Well take care and I will check on y'all soon.

God Bless and I ask God to continue is loving care for FAith and help her go forward so she can go "H" soon with y'all! HEY I didnt SAY the word!

Love you
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
You are constantly on my mind and in my prayers! You are doing so well putting all your energy toward learning to take care of your little girl and I am so amazed by and proud of you! A friend of mine just sent me an email with this verse in it and I wanted to send it along to you as well...
I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will give
> > mighty inner strength through his holy spirit. And I pray that
> > will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in
Him. May
> > your roots go down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love. "
> > Eph 3:16-17
I love the Remings!
Jamie Hanes

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