Friday, July 20, 2007

Dare we say it..the "h" word returns! it goes; We have a date. This time it is not a date for a surgery or a procedure. On Monday, July 30th our little girl is coming home!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! Neither can we! We've been teased so many times- we'll believe it when she's in the car seat and we are pulling into the driveway. But this time is different than the others- this time it just feels right. Brian and I have been doing 100% of Faith's care this week- we know the ends and outs of her care and feel comfortable doing it (the only thing we have left to learn in a trach change which will happen this weekend). From a clinical standpoint Faith is ready to come home. Yes, she will have her moments (like last Wednesday) but that stuff is going to happen regardless if she is in the hospital or not.We had a care conference last night and all of Faith's primary caregivers agree; the best place for Faith right now is home. Yes we will leave the comfort of 24 hour care and consult, but we are Faith's parents and it is time for us to take care of her. This next week will be a transition for us; we will get our home ready (and as germ free as possible!), and prepare for taking care of our girl 24/7.

The day we found out Faith was getting a tracheostomty I got in my car and turned on the radio. The song was Third Day's "tunnel" the chorus rang: "There's a light at the end of this tunnel, shinning bright at the end of this tunnel for you." At the time it felt like a sign but it was hard to imagine an end to all of the drama- especially with a tracheostomy- well we think we see the light, and it is not a flashlight- it'sa light shining like the sun!
Many times we've ending our posts saying, "This is a big week for Faith..." well...this is a big week for our family- we are getting ready to be whole!

Lot's of Love,
Brian and Jen :)

PS: Faith is NOT sick- nothing has grown in her cultures- and in fact for the first time in five months she tested negative for MRSA (the staph infection that sent us into isolation!) WooooWHOO!)

Above: "I can See!
For the first time in almost 6 months Faith seemed to focus on something (her mobile). We were amazed that she actually watched it! Her vision might be better than we think!!!! She still avoids eye contact with people-but that could just be a "hospital psychosis thing"- so we are holding onto this picture!!!!! Below: Faith rests between her morning occupational therapy exercises.


Anonymous said...

August 30 or July 30. See you already have the Mommy brain, I think you meant July! We are so excited and know all is going to go well. The big trach training will be fun! Remember take a big deep breath and go to it. Take your time and all will be fine! (I just made that up, pretty good huh :))
You guys are truly amazing and I am so glad you have shared you life and miracle with us! What a blessing to us! I cannot wait for Faith to get home to her dogs. I am sure they are ready too.
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..sorry I havent written.I have been ill for 3 days..JUST THE YUCK! But it so great to get on and read about Baby Faith! Sounds like she is adjusting MUCH better..thats great!
WHATEVER day she comes home will be a celebration! Yes FINALLY y'all can be a family in your own home!
Take a deep breath for the next "class". You will be experts by the time this thing calms down adn will be able to use this experience to help so many people!

We are so proud of ALL of you!

We love you and cant wait to celebrate with y'all! ;)

Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Faith is graduating from the NICU! We are excited to hear that she is tracking with the mobile. I am sure you will see a huge improvement in her when you get her home, just as we did with our Lauren. It will come with its challenges for sure, but the family bond is strong, and will carry you through those tough nights. Soon, this will be distant memory, and you will look back with awe at how you rose to the challenge.

Hang in there, and know that we are a phone call or email away if you ever need some support from someone that has been there...

Congratulations again.

Grant and Kaia

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say one thing in my last post! It is AWESOME that she is tracking the mobile.

Maybe she DOES she better than THINK. Maybe what they THINK they don't KNOW yet.

I am praying that she does see that it is just the hospital that makes her not focus on faces.

Please keep us informed on that ok!

Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. I am so excited for Faith and her family. We will continue to keep her in our thoughts as the family transitions to being home!!!!

Please take care,
( Mikes sqd commanders wife)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen and Brian and Mary,

It was so wonderful to actually see Baby Faith and be able to visual her at this stage of her life. I am praying that she will continue her recoevery to grow healthy. Lot os love, Great Grandad Blair and Libby and family visiting in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
This is Karen, Quinn's mom, from the tracheostomy page! I was concerned that you hadn't checked in on that website and so I decided to check in on your blog. How wonderful that you are preparing for Faith's homecoming! You must be doing a wonderful job demonstrating your ability to care for her - they wouldn't be sending you home if they didn't feel you could do a great job with her! I remember bringing my son home at 5 months old for the first time. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I remember that time quite well. I would be happy to talk with you on the phone anytime - even though we don't know each other, you and your family have a special place in my heart! Just let me know...
Karen Lucas, Quinn's mom

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

Prayers are answered, for such a darling baby and her strong parents. Thanks for including us with your updates. Every time we see her picture, we're heartened and, tonight, VERY happy she will soon get to go home!

What a sweet, sweet girl, and what a fighter!

Kathleen and Hadi
( the reporter Mike met in Afghanistan)

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks good. I am praying for you & Faith - what an amazing mom & dad you are.

Thanks for sharing.........God bless you.

Tobie R. Halliburton
( friend of Your Aunt Susan)

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