Monday, July 23, 2007 we go again (but it's NOT Faith this time!)

Alright we are beginning to enter the world of health care vs. special needs children. In our care conference last week, Faith's doctors think it is in the best interest for Faith if she has two adults to supervise her at all times, one of those adults preferably being a nurse. Faith needs constant care so a nurse is a must. We just learned that our insurance does not provide home care nursing (gulp!) however, because of Faith's disabilities she qualifies for a Medicaid program that would pay her health costs PLUS home nurse care. The problem is there is a year to 2 year waiting list for this program. Because Faith is still in the hospital her application will be expedited and we will be at the top of the list. If Faith leaves the hospital before all of this takes place, we loose our spot on the waiting list. SO basically we have waited 6 months to take Faith home and now that she is medically stable it this bureaucratic stuff that will keep her there! AHHHHH! The good news is this should be cleared up in the next week or so- the bad news is next Monday is pretty unrealistic. We have waited soooo long a few extra days or another week will not hurt- however school start in a few weeks and Brian and I have to go back to teaching, so another day in the hospital is another day we can't be with Faith at home. So once again we are asking for a miracle! Please pray that all of the paper work goes through and we can get on this list!!!!!
Alright, well thanks so much!!!!!
Brian and Jen
PS: Faith is doing great! One little episode over the weekend but it was not a huge deal- nothing a trach change didn't fix- speaking of which Brian and I have both changed trachs now! It wasn't as scary as we thought it would be!


Anonymous said...

If it isnt one thing it is another...LET us know if there is ANYTHING we can do. This is a hard thing to go through in the first place then to have all this other "stuff" .
God will provide for your needs, I just know it. Dont worry. Life is going to change as you all once knew it but this will all work out.
Can Jen take a paid leave of absence under the circumstances? MAybe y'all can have someone open a bank acct to help with expenses or local TV can help with support or sponsor Faith? Why did the hospital not tell you or insurance not tell y'all this earlier so the paper work could have been started then? OKOK ..God has never failed us and He wont start now.
So what we all need to do is pray that He will make way for Baby Faith to come home and that a home nurse will be provided and her application will be expedited ASAP so this miracle child can get to her home.Even if it is a few days later than expected.
Take a deep breath and ask God for his guidance and help you through this.
Faith has defintly done her part now the system needs to do there part FOR her.
No worries..God has control and will make sure Baby Faith is cared for.
DO NOT HESTITATE to ask for help..many people have asked us how they can help.

We love you..Hang in there..she will be home soon. Y'all have done an awesome job and your banquet is coming soon..YOU WILL SEE!

Love you guys,
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi wonderful family,
I am Grant Nesbitt's mom and wanted you to know that there are lots of people praying for your family - most of them that you do not even know! I know how difficult this is, but somehow it all works out! Jen, I was an office manager of an elementary school for 20 years, and I am positive that you can take a leave of absence - even for a semester - do it - you need to concentrate on your little angel - especially when she comes home. We are praying for your family and that this paperwork glitch will get solved ASAP! Pat Carney

May said...

Hi there guys !
May , Sebastian's mommy here again. Sorry it will be a bit longer before your Faith gets to come home , what a bummer ! I have one suggestion, although you may think me crazy to say it . Take one of those days before she comes home and spend the day out together !! Plan a wonderful , romantic husband and wife day together( with built in hospital calls of course)
Like I said, it sounds crazy - you would rather be hanging out with Faith but you will have lots of time for that soon(wooohooo) as for you guys ... well,not so much , lol. My DH and I have been out exactly 1 1/2 times (got called back within 45 mins)together alone since Sebastian came home last year. Make a little time to relax, be together and reconnect before you get to bring that beautiful little girl home.

As always you guys are in our thoughts !!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last post! Take some time for both of you to reconnect before Faith comes home. This will be wonderful for you and for Faith.
Take a breath and enjoy a wonderful dinner or walk.

Faith will be home soon and what a celebration that will be! :)

Aunt Susan

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