Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I think I can...I think I can!

Look at me! I can hold my head up! We thought you'd might like a full body shot of Faith. Yes, her preemie pancake head is getting more pronounced (the flat head is a preemie thing!) but we still think she's a cutie!!! Although Faith is 6.5 months old, her adjusted age as of tomorrow is 3 months. She has come a long way. She holds her head up (it is pretty wobbly and she needs some support sometimes, but she can do it) and she smiles about once a day (although it is usually when she is gassy). We know Faith has been through a lot...and every baby develops on their own timeline but we already see some things about Faith that are red flags. She doesn't seem to interact with people. Despite how she looks like she is looking in pictures, she is yet to make eye contact with humans, or really look at objects. We have also noticed her left eye (the eye they think she is blind) wander more (as you can see in this picture). Nevertheless for a girl that gets poked and prodded everyday she is progressing. Her development is the big reason why we want her home. Although she was only home for 3 days we saw a small change in Faith during those days. In the hospital she just doesn't get the interaction that other babies get at home. We know she will get there. It will just take a little time. She truly is the little engine that could!
Thanks for your prayers!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Look at that girl! She is just a button isnt she! Like I have said , the little strides are the biggest for her and she is doing great!
I gotta say....I can see her little "baby rolls" and that is SO darn cute!

Thanks for keeping us up on things...I LOVE the pictures!

We love you LOADS!
Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

GO FAITH GO!! Wow she is really going for it! She looks really great, happy and loved by two wonderful parents! We love you guys and we are thinking about you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. WE love you!! Keep going, she is making progress... one day at a time!

WE love you!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and Jen,

She looks more alert and reactive to the world. Have you tried music interactions? Maybe if not too stimulating with some slight some hand or body movement? Her hearing maybe her way to connect with the world. Just a thought...I think it would be a nice shared experience with you two and her. It is so different to feel the vibrations of song through a chest or sway when being held. Do hospitals allow for this? I sense you guys are getting to know what works or doesn't work for her though, that is why you are the parents...trust your instints they are God given. All our love and prayers, you cousins in Miami.

Anonymous said...

She looks so sweet.
Proud Military Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Faith, you are a beautiful girl, holding up your head for everyone to see what strength is all about.
Keep on holding up your head, Faith, and your family will be the shoulders to help support you. You have all of us to love, so you'll need your strength for that!

you are in our prayers always,

Kathleen and Hadi
( Friends of Uncle Mike and Aunt Susan...the reporter your Uncle Mike met in Afghanistan)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on my baby! Wanted to tell you we love you very much!
Brian and Jen you are doing great...Baby Faith KNOWS without a doubt she is LOVED!

Aunt Susan and gang

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