Saturday, August 18, 2007

Umbrella?That won't do... it's been a hurricane here! Ok..don't worry- not with Faith, she is doing good. It's us that's been a mess! The past few days have been the craziest days I think we've had all year; Jen went to the hospital (and will need her gallbladder out asap), BOTH dogs got sick and had multiple midnight trips to the ER vet, we went back to work for the school year (teaching)....and all the while Faith was moved up to the floor, which has meant that one of us has had to be there at all times. AHHHHH!!!! Ok..I think we can finally breathe (but we night need a few puffs from Faith's ventillator. The good news is Faith is stable (she might be the most stable member of our family right now)! She was moved out of the PICU and onto the regular floor. She is in a room all by herself, with a nurse to patient ratio of 1:4 which means we are taking turns spending the night at the hospital. Having Faith in the hospital for 6 months was grueling...but we were not spending the night every night so at least we got our sleep- this has been challenging to say the least! What we need for Faith to come home is more nurses. There is a little boy in the room next to Faith with a trach and on a vent. He has been there since has was born and he too is waiting for 24/7 home care nursing. He is 1 1/2 years old. This is why they have been using the "m" word (months) instead of weeks when it comes to Faith being discharged. We are doing everything we can to prevent that- we are putting adds in papers, hanging up flyers, etc.- Aanything for us to get Faith the care she needs. So that is our big prayer request. Faith is holding up her end of the deal- she is stable. Now we just need to hold up ours.
Please catch some z's for us this week!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Lordy Lordy..what a crazy week for you guys!
Faith is probably going ," Ok guys, I am stable, y'all cant fall apart now!"

My goodness, what a storm but you know it will only make you stronger..isnt that what they say!

I would say y'all have been through as much as you can right now.

Now the dogs need to hold their own..tell them to shape up! HA HA! ( poor puppies) Maybe they got into something!

Now teaching..does this mean, Brian< you are back teaching and Jen will stay at the hospital or does she work part days? Maybe she can do a "job share" until thing slow down ( IF they ever do)

Wow , I need a few puffs on her vent as well!

I will pray that nurses will come soon. MAKE sure the nurse is WELL qualified. This child is precious! ( I am VERY biased..she is my niece)

CAtch up on some Z's and things will be ok..I promise.

You need anything..PLEASE let us know!

WAY TO GO FAITH..holding your end of the deal up...take care of mommy and daddy and your siblings!

We love you
Aunt Susan and gang

extra hugz and kisses

Anonymous said...

Life with a premie is not a normal life, add the trach and the g-tube and the vent and well you know. But look on the bright side, we get to enjoy the everyday miracles that most people overlook.(am I not right on this) I am so pleased with how Faith is doing and isn't it ironic that she might be doing the best out of all of you! :) Lets be honest, she is due. No seriously she looks great and it is wonderful to see her not struggling. She is really getting chunky. Way to go!
I hope the issues with the dogs calm down. (forgot to tell you that our dog Rocky, got sprayed by a skunk while we were gone, See not the normal life) Please let me know how we can help with the sugery for Jen. (I still can't believe that) At least you have a smile on your face and Faith does too!
Let me know how we can help!
JoEllen for the Nikkels
By the way - Hannah is glad you have cream for Faith! :)

Anonymous said...

...but, seriously, if you need any help sitting in with Faith when you guys are at work, I do have that long paper to write and it can be done anywhere. Starting next week I am going to have some days off of work, so please use me.


Jacquie and Dan said...

So if we know any nurses that would be willing to help with 24 hour care, might that help? (Just so we know what to pray and ask people for help for?) Or do you have to have the nurse covered through your insurance? We are thinking about you and praying often for her return home! Stay strong in the Lord! You have been through so much and I know He will see you through this trial as well!

Anonymous said...

JUst checking on y'all! Hows is Jen doing? When will she have her gall bladder surgery?

How is Baby FAith doing? I hope she is doing well! She is such a little fighter ! :) are you holding up? Wow you have been through it for sure BUT your banquet will come, I promise!

God Bless and KNOW HE is always there through the calm and the storms!

We love you
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Dear kids,
I have forwarded this on to my church and my husband. Hopefully when my husband places this in the church bulletin some one here in Cincinnati Ohio will notice it and can help with a nurse position . We can only pray that God will answer this prayer.
Your friend, Beth
( Your Aunt Susans Friend)