Saturday, August 4, 2007

NOW we're a family!

It's official- we are now a family all under one roof! The dogs got to meet their new sister last night. They came in decorated in "It's a Girl!" ribbons and were VERY calm (I know can you believe it?) They are very gentle around Faith- they seem to sense her fragility. They have reacted the exact opposite we thought they would. Elway is VERY interested in her, we thought he'd be jealous but that isn't the case. He gets excited whenever she wakes up from a nap and knows when she needs help. Last night before the monitors went off he came up on the bed and started sniffing at her- she needed a neb treatment and to be suctioned. He's more reliable than our pulseox (monitor)! Buffalo (who is the "baby") has been very jealous and pretty much ignores her. He's currently pouting on the floor. When it looks like we are not looking we notice that checks Faith out, but the moment he sees us watching him he goes back to ignoring her!Faith doesn't seem to notice the dogs which of course is probably a result of her poor vision. In other news Faith officially turned 6 months old today!!!! Yesterday we took her to the pediatrician and she weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces! She is doing pretty good. We have had some pretty rough nights (apparently Faith does not sleep ) but have been episode free for more than 24 hours! Yesterday Faith's primary nurse came for her first shift. She is WONDERFUL. She has more than 25 years of experience with babies like Faith and has really helped us out. Faith qualifies for 24/7 nurse care. The problem is there isn't enough nurses to fill this need. They are working on it and we will be getting more help soon. For now Kimberley (our primary nurse) will be here three days a week for 12-16 hour shifts. We know it sounds like we have it easy but believe me- Faith is full time job for two people. We have not been able to sit down since she has come home. Nevertheless we cannot complain because we have our baby girl home! Well thanks so much for everything!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

How precious is that!!! It is so great to get pictures of ALL of you together including my "great dogs"..I guess thats what you call them as Faith is my great niece...and THAT she is! ;)

I am glad y'all will get 24/7 help eventually. ANY help is good I am sure! Baby Faith will be a 24 hour job for quite a while but AINT IT GREAT SHE IS HOME!!!!

I ALWAYS love the pictures. I copy and send your blog and pictures to ALL the folks that have and continue to pray for Faith and you guys! They love y'all and the pictures, too.. Thats why I post what they write as well so Baby Faith KNOWS how much she was/is prayed for!!

What a BLESSED little girl and HOW very blessed you both are as well! OK OK you too Elway and Buffalo!

We love you and hope you got the little package we sent! I just cant help myself..niether can Michelle!

We love you and hope to see you !

Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle adn of course our Sheltie "Faith"

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot to say this. I noticed she is looking at Elway....THATS a GREAT sign! She looks like she is focusing on the dogs..thats great!

Aunt Susan