Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here we go again.

Alright. You all know how it goes. Here we go again. Today we had to call 911 and Faith was rushed to the Children's hospital. We were there earlier today-but not in the er. Faith's ganuloma around her g-tube was getting really big so our docs at St. Joe's set up an appointment for us to go today and get things checked out. We were nervous about Faith being off of her heated mist because she could dry out. Everything went well at the appointment and we went back to our house. Shortly after two respiratory therapist from our medical supply company came to check on us. Well, right about then Faith starts turning blue- we turned her up to 6 liters of oxygen (for those of you who know oxygen that is a lot!) and her sats continued to drop. So we did a trach change, which usually solves the problem. This time the trach change did not help and Faith continued to drop. So we called 911 and Faith was rushed via ambulance to Childrens. Once she got to Childrens she was sating better and requiring less oxygen. What they think happened was a plug. But this time it was a deep plug- deeper than the trach and deeper then we can suction. The scary thing is they told us this would probably happen again. YIKES! They told us we did the right thing, which was reassuring, but we are still pretty frightened! Although we have seen the light out of the NICU tunnel it seems like we heading through another mountain. We will keep you posted- please pray that these plugging episodes will go away! Faith averages about one every week- which was bearable when we had a safety net in the NICU but not at home!!!
Well thanks for all of your encouragement- your comments have meant so much to us!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

My goodness. We kept good contact with Mary regarding all this and as soon as Brian called her I, Mary called me and the prayers started flowing.
I am sure that was probably one of the most frightening moments to see this happen to her and not be able to help..BUT YOU got her to the hospital via ambulance ride and she made it.
Does her machines have a wanring bell on it to wanr you when this happens?
Well just knwo we are here praying and know you must feel exhausted,frustrated but joyful all at the same time that she is ok.
If you need anything let us know ok. We dont want to call so youc an get soem rest when you can...but knwo we are here even though 1000 miles apart.

Aunt SUsan and Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that she is okay. Please let your family know that we are praying for baby Faith and for them. I know that going on little sleep is so tough so I will pray that they will feel God's strength and peace in this storm.
Sarah Hardman
( Friends of your AuUnt Susan and Uncle MIke)

Anonymous said...

I still pray that God will put his Healing Hands on her daily.
Proud Military Mom

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Anonymous said...

We pray every day for "baby Faith", as we've been calling her.

Her photos and your messages of hope have touched our hearts, and we feel connected to all of you.

We're not as close as those nurses who honored your family, and, we're sure, your commitment to this sweet girl.

God bless good parents, and if you ever need help from California, from part of your "adopted family" (just ask Mike and Susan!), just call. Truly.

We are blessed to be part of your circle, and thank you, with deep gratitude for sharing your story with us.

Please know that you are thought about, and prayed over, often, from the other side of the country.

we wish you all happiness as you await Faith's homecoming,

love, Hadi and Kathleen
( The Canadian reporter Mike met in Afghanistan)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen and Brian,

You are encountering hard times and it is hard and discouraging.. The Lord is with you, we continue to pray for Faith's Angels to surround her as she rests tonight and we pray that the Lord will restore your peace of mind, that you will not be driven by fear but in confidence in His plan for Faith. You both did the right thing and we are so proud of you!!! We are here for you guys if you need a break or need anything. We are praying every day. We love you. Please know that we are here in love and in prayer for whatever you may need.

We are sorry last night was so frightening and hard.We love you.

John and Katie

You can do it, the Lord has chosen you and He will give you the strength to not grow too weary. Faith is in a better place and she is in a place of love!

Anonymous said...

As always our prayer are with you...just because you guys are no longer in the NICU does not mean we stop praying for Faith to get stronger and more healthy, but for you guys as well. We miss talking with the two of you but we are happy faith is finally home. Each time Derick and I pray for Rylie we are always including Faith and the two of you in our prayers (trust me we non-stop praying, you could say we are praying all the time around the clock) becuase we know it is still along road ahead for Faith and Rylie. I can't wait to see the two of them a year from now...our faith is so strong in the Lord (almighty healther) I now the plan God has for the two of them is amazing and we can't wait to see God's plan unfold before our eyes.

God Bless,
Derrick & Charlene

Matthew 21:22
"And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."

We Love You Guys

If you guys need anything please call or email.