Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It never ends...

Well it wouldn't be a homecoming without a call to 911 would it? We had another emergency last night. Faith became disconnected from her ventilator in the middle of the night. The nurse freaked out, didn't know what to do and yelled for us. We came down and started bagging her. This time it took a while for her to come back but by the time the paramedics arrived she was better. Oh boy. They wouldn't really have done much anyways because they looked at us and said, "you guys know how to help her more than we do." That's always reassuring- even when you call 911 people don't know how to help your child. Well, the good news is we know how to take care of her and up until last night we felt pretty comfortable. We'll just take this as a learning experience. Alright, well here's to 24 (ok..that may be pushing it lets say 12) drama free hours. We have to make a trip to her ENT today which is always a little nerve wrecking (getting her out of the house is quite an ordeal, and having her off her humidity is always a little scary). So please say a prayer for us this afternoon, and please pray for Faith- boy she is something else her will to live is incredible!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

My goodness what a night. I am a little nervous the Nurse freaked out and 911 had no clue ( that is comforting UGH!)
I am glad you were there and are turning out to be "preemie" "Vents" Humidifier" experts..THANK YOU GOD for showing Brian and Jen the HOW TO's and THANK YOU Nurses at the NICU and regular hospital teaching Brian and Jen.
Dont get wont always be like this ok!
1. You knew what to do to help her
2. She is still home
3. You didnt have to have an ambulance take her back to the hospital
4. You are learning about your home nurses and 911
5. HERE IS to the first 24 hours!:)

Cant they let her stay home for a bit instead of racing her back to the hospital to the ENT after something so tramatic?

Prayers are out for this miracle child WHO DOES have such a will to live! INCREDIBLE is right!

We love you ,
Aunt Susan
x0 x0 x0 x0x0x0
Can you reschedule that ENT appt?

Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE is absolutely right. Hang in there, Jen and and Faith are in my prayers.

Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

I continue to lift them up everyday.

Proud Military Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow...We are just amazed at what a roller coaster this experience has been for you. We honestly don't know how you both keep it together...We are thinking of all of you.

The Nesbitts

Anonymous said...

She has a divine purpose on this earth and she is determined to fulfill it no matter what! We will continue to pray for her and you guys.. You are amazing parents and thank God you have truly learned how to be there for your daughter in the midst of all situations. You guys are doing an incredible job and we are asking you Lord to continue to give Jen and Brian Strength to get through this transition period.

We love you. We are believing with you!

Katie and John

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