Monday, September 10, 2007


We've come along way since our wedding vows (to love and cherish each other, except for when the Broncos play the Bills). In a true bipartisan effort we agreed to disagree as Faith cheered for both teams on Sunday.
She started off the first half cheering with daddy, then finished off the second with mommy in orange and blue!

Of course Faith finally came to her senses and realized she was born in Denver therefore she's gotta stick with the home team! And it sure paid off- Below: Faith celebrating the win in her Broncos jammies. (The game sure put her to sleep- except for the last minute of course!)

She's a winner! Yes, it's true. Faith is coming home tomorrow. Yes, she is still sick but since we have a nurse at home the docs feel comfortable sending her home. The good news is she didn't need the pic line today (she will receive her antibiotics through her g-tube) and her MRI looked great. In fact the neurologist said her MRI looked great for a preemie! Alas- something that Faith doesn't have!!! Yay! So everything is on schedule for tomorrow mid-morning. We will have quite an entourage; the rehab respiratory therapist from the hospital, the rt from the medical supply company and our primary nurse are meeting us at the hospital to escort us home. The Mission: Stay home! To do this we need to keep Faith infection free which might be a challenge with RSV season gearing up. Nevertheless she's gone through soooooo much winter doesn't have anything on this girl!

Alright well we'll let you know and post our second homecoming pictures as soon as we are able to breathe!

Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled and happy for you all. Good news about the MRI. Finally something Faith has gone above and beyond the call of duty here. She is certainly due. It is so amazing how good she looks. She is filling out and is a VERY BEAUTIFUL Baby! She looks AWESOME! She is an amazing miracle and I look forward to seeing her grow! She is going to be amazing!

Walker is telling more people that Faith is coming home! He has taken his job very serious!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am doing flip flops down the hall! I am SO happy for y'all! She looks AWESOME!!

Cute Cute outfits for the ball game! We KNEW y'all would dress her up for both teams HA-HA!

She is so beautiful and she has the "baby rolls" which is so darn cute! ;) Gotta LOVE IT!

I need to get her some welcome home stuff!! Might be a little late but I KNOW she loves it!

Faith is truely a miracle baby and showed others what TRUE Faith is and thats believeing in what youc ant see...And God has been and will be there all the time for her. He is the God that Heals and He has sure done what he HE always does in HIS time!

God bless y'all and MANYMANY Hugs and Kisses! I wish I was there to welcome her home but my thoughts are with you on such a glorious day! Dont have lots of company..take time to be a family in your home even though its full of nurses..take time the three of you...I am sorry the 5 of you Ha-HA! Sorry puppies!

Love you,
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

What a difference! She's so sweet. You can tell from her expressions that she wants to be a lively girl -- and will be soon, as soon as we can all start using "the H-word".

With all the love and prayers directed her way, we know she will be home, and happy there, soon.

we are all blessed to be part of her family "circle" from coast to coast!

love, Kathleen and Hadi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Thought about your family during the game! So happy you were celebrating together (or maybe Brian wasn't celebrating too much!). Great news about coming home!! YAH!!
I have a little gift for Faith's homecoming...I'll let you settle in and maybe we could do a germ-free drop off one of these days! Love you all!
Stay strong!
Jamie Hanes & boys