Saturday, September 8, 2007


What a difference 7 months make! Faith has had her picture taken with this bear every Monday night. Above: Faith at 1 pound 3 ounces (her lowest weight). Below: Faith at 11 pounds, 4 ounces!

Is this the "I just did something naughty" look?

Above: Some babies hold toys, others hold rattles, our baby holds her feeding tube (but hey at least she is holding something!) Below: Yes, the IV is back. Faith has been poked so many times the only "good veins" she has left are in her head.

In typical Faith fashion, the minute we start talking about the h-word she has another set back. She is sick again. Her x-rays show some pneumonia (which is a chronic lung disease thing) and her blood work shows that her body is fighting some sort of infection. SO yes, the IV is back, and yes the pic line is coming. Faith has also had something else going on this week. There is a suspicion that she might be having seizures. To rule this out they've done an EEG (which came back ok) and they are going to do an MRI on Monday. Since she has to be "put out' for the MRI they will attempt to place the pic line in at the same time. So yes this means Faith will not be coming home on Monday. The good news is if she is healthy enough she can come home with the pic line since we will always have a nurse with us. Alright, so basically Faith needs to get better!!!! In some happier news, this week a vision therapist from the Anchor Center for Blind Children (never in a million years did we think our child would need those services, but anyway..) to evaluate Faith. They found out what we already know; Faith loooooves to look at light. In fact, when we shined a light on my (Jen) face, Faith reached and touched my mouth! This was the first time she has ever reached for anything before. Everyone in the room teared up! She found her mommy! So now we just shine away by putting light on anything and everythiing and Faith looks at it. :) Once again, it's always the little things....
Thanks for praying for Faith to get well so we can bring her home!
Brian and Jen


CB-be-ME said...

Ohhhh!! She looks so great! I can't believe the difference in the Teddy Bear pictures. And i love the last picture. Baby Hannah still loves her Glo-worm! Hoping for Baby Faith to get better real soon so she can go home with her mommy and daddy! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. it is truly amazing how God continues to give you guys the grace to get through every part of this journey with faith. We love you and she looks amazing! Blessings, we will continue to pray. ALL OUR LOVE!
Katie and John

Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures and the bear picture amazes me! Wow she has grown hasnt she. We know about the IV in the head thing...breaks your heart doesnt it. Michelle had one put in when she was two weeks old and it took 6 times for them to get it in..Of course your Aunt Susan went nuts. But it will help Faith to get well!

I pray that she gets well and please tell her we are ALL trying to get her home..I MEAN the "H" word!

I think once she gets home and can sit up and move around more she will feel better!
On the eyes, that to me sounds like great news. So that means she CAN see? Also what does the pic line do?

I love the picture of her with that , " I just didnt something naughty" look!

We will continue to pray and no worries..God has everything in control and y'all on in His hands!

We love you,
Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of Faith and her bear. She's getting so big, it's just amazing!!! Sorry I haven't writted for awhile, but we think about Faith and your family so often. We also considered a private home nurse and had a difficult time finding the right person. I'll send you my list of resources if I can find it. Lauren sends her love too!