Thursday, October 4, 2007

All Smiles!

Happy 8 month birthday Faith! Wow can you believe it's been 8 months already? Even though we've gone through some tough times, we are so blessed with our little miracle! She's sure come along way! Faith is smiling more than ever now- we've waited 8 months to see a "reactive" smile- she just started doing this last week. Interestingly she only smiles in her crib! We are glad she has a place where she feels safe and happy! Faith also looks the best she has ever looked. She is breathing MUCH easier (she's not even retracting!) and sounds pretty clear (she still receives breathing treatments every 4 hours to clear her lungs). Even though she is in the hospital we are all very happy. The move was refreshing for us, and we are so pleased that Faith is making progress. SO what's next? Well, even though Faith looks stables she is still a fragile girl. Before the h word can be mentioned again she needs to be REALLY stable. We also are waiting for nursing- we lost most of our nurses so we are in the same boat as all of the other families who are currently waiting for 24/7 nursing. Which we don't mind at all- it's pretty ironic but home is the LAST place we want to be with Faith! Although it is a sacrifice we are perfectly content with her safely growing in the hospital! (Funny how things change, huh- well if you'd see your baby almost die twice after coming home you'd be feeling the same way!)
Well that's about it today!
Thanks for stopping by!
Brian and Jen :)
PS: Faith wants to say "Go Rockies!" She's enjoying watching the games on her new TV! (Pics of this coming soon!)


Anonymous said...

She is SO CUTE! Thanks for the pics! Love you guys! Glad your move was a great and positive.

Laura said...

Faith looks awesome. Made my day to see her smile.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh she is so adorable!!I love seeing her smile.. haha she is so amazing.. and she looks really at peace and rested! she has so much color and she looks so healthy! wow.. oh she is absolutely beautiful! we love you!

katie and john

Anonymous said...

Look at that SMILE! How precious is THAT! :)

She looks really good..y'all have done good!

We love you guys!

I will be out of town Oct 8 -16th but I will check in from CAlifornia ok!

THANKS for the pics!!!
We love you!
Aunt Susan , Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

okay I know I already said this, but oh my gosh she is SOO CUTE! I just want to kiss those little cheeks.. ohh she is so precious.. hehe!! We love you! We are so glad you are at peace with where you are... Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Is that not the most precious smile! It is so good to see her personality! She looks so sweet. What great pictures!
I would love to see her with a big Rockies foam finger waving while she is watching a game! That would be a sight. Way to go Faith! Everyday is going to get better. You are getting bigger and stronger everyday. God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love -
The Nikkels

Paula said...

What a sweetie pie. I love seeing the "popeye rolls" on her arms.. She does look happy and contented. Her little outfits are so cute..What a blessing to see these changes in her. I'm so glad that you guys are in a happier place. Enjoy the calm and oh yea... GO ROCKIES!!

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