Sunday, September 30, 2007

We've Moved!!!!

Sorry it has been a while since our last post- there has been a lot going on lately! This big news is Faith has a new home! Yesterday The Children's Hospital moved! Everything went very well- Faith was moved by a flight for life team- she felt right at home in the ambulance (she has had her fair share of rides) and fell right asleep. When we arrived at the new hospital we were blown away. It is incredible. Words cannot even describe it- it looks and feels like a fancy hotel- we've been calling it the Hyatt! The rooms are great- every room has a plasma TV and an X-Box 360 (which Brian is excited about) it also has a lot more room for Faith! There are huge windows that face the mountains and we have our own bathroom and shower (in the old hospital we had to travel to another floor to shower..and there was often a line!) Everyone kept commenting on how healthy Faith looked there- it really is a healing place!This hospital was recently ranked the 4th best children's hospital in the country- and now we know why! SO now we are never going to want to go home! ;) We will post pictures soon- we forgot our camera on moving day- our apologies!!!! Well that's about it- Faith is doing great- she is smiling more, grabbing onto toys and THRIVING! :)Pictures coming soon.....
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are happy at the new place. It is truly amazing and Faith does look great! I was telling someone today that she has literally beaten all the odds and looks AMAZING! Words cannot describe how great she looks! You guys are tremendous parents to her and you deserve a "Hyatt" stay to recover. :)
Can't wait to see some new pictures.
JoEllen, for all of us

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds awesome! She does look great..finally they are getting things right and this child has beat SO many odds and obstacles. She is one tough baby!

Thank God for you as her kept her in the fight and continue to be her voice!
Thank you for doing that for my grand neice! AND SHE IS GRAND!!!

We love you ..send pictures..I miss them!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike , Steve and Michelle
PS Can yuo believe your cousin will be 20 this week! IM OLD!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! That is so wonderful that you guys are in a "Hotel like Hospital!" You guys deserve that.. Faith looks amazing and she is going to continue to surpass all statistics! She has a divine purpose that she will continue to fulfill!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Katie & John

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