Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday Update

We've taken so many pictures lately and have not had the opportunity to share them with you so we decided to make another slide show. We are in the process of making a page of pictures for those of you who cannot access the you tube videos.

Time has sure flown by! We had a nice Christmas- it was a different kind of a day- we were surprised with lots of snow (twice this week) which has made it difficult traveling to the hospital (we live about 30 miles away-in bad weather or traffic it can take over an hour to get there) but nevertheless we made it (our theme song this week was.."Ain't no mountain high enough....") First Christmases are funny. The kids have no idea what's going on- nor do they really care it's the parents who often have high expectations for the day- we are learning that as parents of a special needs child (or any child for that matter) you have to learn to let things go. Like on Halloween when Faith was sick and we forced her into the kangaroo costume...should have let that go....well here's my letting go story for the week. Getting Faith's first picture with Santa was a big deal to me- we get our dogs pictures with Santa so of course we had to have Faith's. Faith did meet cyber Santa but that wasn't good enough for me.... we were told that Santa would visit the kids on Christmas day but he may not be able to go into the rooms whose kids are in isolation. We understood this but still were holding out for the chance that the jolly old man would make an appearance in Faith's room. SO Christmas morning rolls around- Brian is at the hospital early that morning and realizes he doesn't have a camera....well not a big deal we figured Santa would come later... I (Jen) was stuck at the house because my car wouldn't make it out of our culdesac turns out Santa shows up at 8am...but have no fear Brian grabs the video camera...just as Santa comes into the room Faith starts turning blue and has an episode (turns out she had a plug)!!!! Now I know everyone has Santa stories like this...but they don't usually involve a resuscitation bag!!!! We just have to laugh at this Faith did not get to have her picture taken with Santa....we didn't get to get it on video.....but you know what we have more than anyone could ask for, this year we were given the gift of life!!!!
Alright well we have many more stories to share but we are wiped out. We hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday!!!!
Brian and Jen ;)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures--I am glad that Dial-Up was gracious enough to allow you to upload them.

See you on the first day of 2008.

Amy B.

Anonymous said...

WOW..that video is awesome! Of course your old Auntie here starts the tears just flowing..tears of JOY and tears of pure happiness that FAITH is a gift from God for EVERYONE!

She is so precious and the greatest gift this Christmas! I WISH so badly that I could be there to have helped celebrate her first Christmas.

The pictures of ALL of your are gorgeous..what a beautiful family!
Wait until she meets THIS crazy Aunt you adores her so much!

I will be sending her gifts this week.

May God continue to bless you and your family! May He continue to show us that miracles DO HAPPEN!

PLEASE give Faith a kiss from her Aunt in Texas and whisper to her ..I LOVE HER! =)

Ilove y'all,
Aunt Susan , Uncle MIke, Steve and MIchelle

oldfighternav said...

From uncle Mike's inlaws:
Susan forwards the updates to us and we just fallen in love baby Faith. Jen and Brian you are incredible parents. God bless you all and we will keep up the prayers.
Tom and Sharon Hatch
PS Say hi hello to Mary for us

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