Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!!! We have a feeling 2008 is going to be a great year. My friend Amy told me the other day..’You guys probably just had the most traumatic year of your lives.... So it can only get better." I think she’s right. :) Faith is ringing in the new year at 18 pounds! Can you believe it! She’s a tub! She’s getting so big they had to cut back on her calories (they fortify breastmilk w/extra calories) she is getting so round but is not very they are trying to even her out. What a wonderful problem to have, huh? Other than that Faith is doing well. She’s really been rolling around lately. If someone walks into the room she turns her body to get a look at them. Speaking of looking we know a lot of you have been wondering about her eyes. She hasn’t had an eye exam in a while but will be getting one in a few weeks. You may remember us talking about glasses a few months ago. Faith’s new eye doc at Children’s does not like to put glasses on babies before they are a year old- Faith’s eye doc at St. Joe’s wanted to put her in glasses right a way. We hope that she will receive her glasses soon- we think it will really help. Faith’s eyes are definitely better than we thought. She looks at people from across the room and recognizes faces. Unfortunately we do notice her vision is not equal to other babies her age. You still have to get pretty close to her for her to recognize you or smile and her left eye is defiantly of track. You may have noticed in the slide show her left eye is often unfocused. It also looks cloudy- almost how a blind person’s eye looks. Nevertheless we are so grateful for the eyesight she has.
Faith’s respiratory status continues to remain stable. The big goal is for her to strengthen her upper core, which will help stabilize her airway. Sitting up will be an indicator that she is ready for less support. SO that’s what we’ve been working on. Our goal is that she will sit up by 1st birthday-, which is about 1 month away! Well thank you for checking in today. We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

Brian and Jen

PS: We have some other happy news to report- Faith’s friend Emily is doing great! A few weeks ago she came very very close to losing her life- we are happy to report that she is out of the PICU and back up on the floor with Faith. This is nothing short of a miracle. Her mom credits all of the prayers for saving her daughter!


Anonymous said...

Love the first Christmas YouTube video! Keep smiling :) Happy belated New Years too!

-Mike and Jen

Anonymous said...

Wow what awesome news! 18 pounds, my goodness! I agree that 2008 will hold so many good things even though 2007 had many good things I think 08 will hold better! =)

Thats right her year birthday is right around the corner! Can you believe that! I cant believe it has been almost a year since that sweet angel graced us with her wonderful presence! what a gift she is and has been!

So glad to hear about Emily! What great news. One day y'all will have to have a party together! =)

I love you adn thanks for the update! I alwyas send them out to everyone!

Love y'all LOADS!

Aunt Susan, Uncle MIke , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Just checking on MY girls: Faith and Emily!

I love ya,
Aunt Susan

Jacquie and Dan said...

Brian and Jen,
Dan and I will be moving out to Utah this April... we would love to come out to visit you and your miracle baby :) Love you Three!
Jacquie and Dan