Saturday, December 22, 2007

"There's no place like the hospital for the Holidays...."

Once again our apologies for not updating more! We are officially on winter break so we will have more time to spend with Faith and more time to update you (once everything calms down here!) Faith is doing alright. Just the other day we were thinking..boy it's been a while since Faith had any drama and sure enough we had a vent problem and sure turned big deal it was just mechanical but it was a nice reminder of why we are in the hospital. While it's impossible to go anywhere without hearing a Holiday song talking about home we are having a pleasant time spending Christmas in the hospital. Children's has been very good to us- and Faith has had some very special visitors. She got to meet some Broncos players (Yes, she was wearing her cheerleaders outfit she wears every Sunday!) Avalanche players, she has had hoards of carolers (from the FBI to the fire department and hundreds of name it....) she even got to meet Cyber Santa! (Since Faith has MRSA the real Santa can't come in so Faith got to "talk" to Santa over a that funny or what what an age we are living in!) This week the hospital did something called the "snow pile" where we got to fill a huge bag of toys for her. We felt bad because in all honesty Faith does not need anymore toys..but it did make being in the hospital during this time a little brighter. We have tons of Christmas pictures to share with you..but they will have to wait..there are cookies to be baked and presents to be wrapped. We will post again in the next few days.
Thanks for checking in today!
Merry Christmas eve-eve!
Brian and Jen

PS: Please continue to pray for Faith's friend Emily.....we are blown away by her strength and perseverance! We still need a miracle!


Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS picture! "Our" baby sure has come along way..BABY!

She is just goreous and half smile is just breathless!

Thank you for sharing with us..we so LOVE all the pictures and when I figure out my new camera, I wills end some your way.

I hope y'all ahd a wonderful Christmas even though it was in the hospital but as a family..which is the MOST important thing!

We will keep Faiths little friend on the prayer list as well.

God Bless you and we love you all!!!

Aunt Susan,Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

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