Saturday, December 15, 2007

In order to keep sibling rivalry at bay we had to post a pic of the boys. The other night when Brian got back from the hospital they attacked him with love. Do they look like they've been neglected or what? ;)
Really no new Faith news to report this week. We dropped her vent rate to 12 which is wonderful- she seems to be handling it alright but we get the erie feeling she's on the verge of getting sick again (we can smell it in her trach...)
Really I didn't want to post about Faith tonight. And really I should not post about what I want to because of patient privacy but I know how many people read this blog and we know prayer makes a difference. One of Faith's "friends" (at the hospital) is not doing very well. We can't go into details but things do not look good. Please, please, please lift up this precious little angel in your prayers tonight. We need a miracle.
He makes ALL things Possible!
Brian and Jen


Jacquie and Dan said...

We will be praying for Faith's friend! Buffalo and Elway seem to miss daddy! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Jacquie and Dan said...
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Jacquie and Dan said...

Oh, forgot to mention that Dan's sister Anna always asks how baby Faith is doing. She has some mental handicaps but she is a prayer warrior if ever i knew one. She reminds Dan's mom to pray for Faith when she forgets and constantly wants to know her progress. Your daughter is lifted up in prayer all over this country - and beyond i am sure. Love you Both!