Friday, January 25, 2008

Faith is just a week away from turning 1 year old! She is truly her own person. Her personality is coming out more and more these days. We could write a whole book on the faces of Faith. We've got to watch out because she is turning out to be a little flirt- she's a pro at batting her eye lashes and giving mischievous grins.... She's just a lot of fun to play with.
Faith had a surprise eye exam today. Nothing new to report. It was reconfirmed that she is blind in her left eye. Her eye doc does believe that she can see light, but cannot see much else. It was interesting because he put his hand over each eye- every time he cupped her right eye she freaked out but when he put it over her left eye there was not a response. The damage that was done to her eye is irreversible- it's not something that can "grow" or "develop" (we know with God ALL things are possible....) her right eye is pretty near sighted and she will be fitted for glasses on February 7th. It's such a miracle that she can see as much as she can. We were prepared that her vision would be minimal. The docs said that if she had not received those laser eye surgeries she'd be totally blind. He also said that in a few years Faith can have her left eye cosmetically realigned so it does not drift like it does now-it will not improve any vision (the damage is irreversible) but it will make it appear as though she has normal vision. We're not sure how we feel about this (putting the poor girl through another surgery purely for cosmetic reasons sounds harsh..) however the eye doc said that when these kids go to school it's important for them to have some normalcy.
On another note we are touched that you check the blog not only for updates about Faith but for her friend Emily as well. I told this to Emily's mom today and she was touched. It also came at a good time because once again she needs our prayers. Emily is trach/vented just like Faith but has had a much larger battle to fight (imagine that). She received a heart transplant a little over a year ago and has not had an easy time since. A few weeks before Christmas she coded three times (meaning she stopped breathing and her heart stoped beating....) it appeared that her body was rejecting the heart. Today after work when I stopped in to say hi she did not look good. Sure enough she was sent back down to the PICU. Emily's mom wanted me to share her story with you because she knows how the power of prayer has saved her daughter. Please join us again in lifting up this precious little angel.
Thanks so much,
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Please tell Emilys parents we are praying for her and I sent this to all who pray for Faith!

Well those pictures are priceless! Getting things ready for her 1st birthday we will have at our home in Texas and cant wait to take some pictures to show you!

She is just SO darn adorable! GOSH!
She does have a flirtation smile doesnt she..what a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!

We will one of these days get out there and finally meet that sweet angel face to face!

On her eyes, you jsut never know but God has given her one eye to be able to see her wonderful and beautiful loving parents. God can do anything so you just never knwo what He may have in store for Sweet Baby Faith!

We love and miss you and will send pictures next week to you on your email of her party in Texas! =)

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle
0x 0x 0x x0

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and Jen,
Just a quick note to let you know how pretty Faith is. Of course you already know that. I am so happy to see how she is improving every day . I just love her little plump baby face. I keep praying for her daily and for her friend, Emily .
Your friend,

Paula said...

Oh what a little doll. Her smile just lights up the room and your world I'm sure. Its amazing to see how far she has come. The goodness of God, the devotion from you guys and Grandma Mary has just made her a wonderous little girl. I just love hearing how she is doing and seeing the progress she is making.
Will continue to send prayers to Emily and her family. God bless them through their struggles and heart breaks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. She is so cute!
Proud Military Mom

Anonymous said...

Done - we pray every night for "baby Faith and her friend Emily" as Gabbie knows it. I am thrilled God is hearing us - Faith looks GREAT oh my gosh she is so cute and one already (almost) WOW! One day at a time.....small steps help you reach goals (things take time)...just have FAITH!!!!!!! And my motto this year in 2008 - let it go....hard to do at times but Let go and Let GOD!
Huggs to all as we near valentines.
Tobie R. Halliburton
( Your Aunt SUsan's Friend)