Sunday, January 20, 2008

While I was drinking my coffee this morning it hit me.....ya know what....Faith is doing pretty darn well....just's been about 3 months since she's had an IV....about 2 since she's been on antibiotics....she's growing welll and smiling more and more each day. She's even getting two new teeth on top! No, she won't be sitting up by her birthday (new goal..sitting up by her ADJUSTED birthday...) but she is doing new things each day. She has rolling over from side to side nailed down (she doesn't go on her tummy because of all her tubes....) her Uncle Josh even commented on how she's getting "rowdy" scooting herself off of pillows and rolling to reach toys and see (Yes, SEE!) people.
It's crazy to think that in two weeks from tomorrow Faith will be 1 year old! Speaking off which on Saturday February 2nd we have throwing a bash for our little princess- we've been attempting to get out invitations to everyone we know but in the hustle and bustle we know we've forgotten some of you so consider this an open invitation! The party will be from 2-4 at the hospital. For more information you can e-mail me ( One of our friends said, "If any baby deserves a big first birthday party, it's Faith" we couldn't agree more. :)
Have a great week!
Brian and Jen


Anonymous said...

Well though we obviously cant be there on her 1st birthday, we will have a 1st birthday party here in Texas for about that!

And you are correct if ANYONE deserves that big first baby FAith sure does!

Look for something in the mail from us..believe it or not its her Christmas present ( thought I mailed it..old age here!) AND her birthday present..she will think I am something else..two present from one crazy Aunt and Uncle!

Give our baby a hug and a kiss for us ok! We will send pictures of her first birthday when we have our little princess party for her here! =)

Aunt Susan, Uncle MIke , Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

I hope Faith has a good birthday! I hope you are drinking good coffee!

Anonymous said...

Just checking on Faith and Emily today.

We love you,
Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike