Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another ship sets sail!

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Remember the little boy we told you about last summer who had been in the hospital a year and a half? Well last Wednesday little Cesar went home after 22 months (2 months short of 2 years) for the first time. Even better he's stayed home. Woooohoooo! And just yesterday I ran into a family who was very similar to us: Their daughter Fiona was born a few days after Faith at 27 weeks.... trach/vented and is going home this week for the first time. WOW! The more stories we hear like this the more courage we get to try it again. As you all know right now it is not under our control..we are still waiting for nursing (us and the dozen other kiddos just like Faith....) but we have begun to think about it.... which is a step. Just yesterday I saw a coupon for diapers....I looked at the expiration date..(5/1/08....) I was tempted to save it...could buying diapers for our own baby be in the future? I decided to toss it.... Didn’t seem like the right time. The case worker at the hospital has been putting in calls in agencies about doubt this will take some time but we need to be ready for when it does happen. I think the biggest barrier we will have to overcome is to be emotionally ready to take Faith home. Not a night goes by where we don't remember the screaming...dogs barking...Faith lying limp and blue..the call to 911....I remembering grabbing he phone and thinking this is it...this is how she is going to die....every time we have those thoughts we try to replace them with good waking up as a family and not having to run out to the hospital at 5 am...sitting with Faith on our deck..the sun shinning down on her..her eyes not squinting..taking her to the zoo (yes.. ventilator and all...) We have to remember Faith is a different baby than she was in September. Yes if she was disconnected from her vent like she was then she would still turn blue but now we'd have more time...she can tolerate begin off of it a little more.... Our goal is this summer. Even if we don't have nursing we want her home (whether or not the hospital will allow that is another story...) summer just feels right. For now we will just celebrate the other ships that have set we start the first step into setting our own- looking into the horizon and seeing the possibility of our ship leaving it’s harbor for home.


Anonymous said...

That is GOOD news! I am sure everyone had a little celebration as we all will when Faith's time to come home rolls around! AND SHE WILL!

There WILL be a day that you take her to the zoo whether WITH a trach/vent or without one! There will be a day that you take her to the toy store and she gets totally excited seeing new toys and bright things..AND SHE WILL!

I have NO DOUBTS that Faith will do all those things because she has proven to ALL OF US..she will!

Keep the good attitude and NEVER EVER lose the FAith becuase she has taught us that MIRACLES nad FAITH all go hand in hand! =)


Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Jen and Brian,

That is such great news! I am so thankful that you guys have had such encouraging stories to give you hope! She is doing amazing, and God will bring her to that place when the time is right! WE love you,

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Brian and Jen,

We are happy to see Faith sitting up and smiling! All these little steps add up, and soon, she will be in first grade, and this will all be a distant memory. Hang in there.

The Nesbitts

Anonymous said...

I hear you're not feeling too well. I hope you feel better. I am sending you loads of hugs and kisses today! =)

Aunt Susan

Jacquie and Dan said...

Thanks for posting on our blog :) On the initial trip out we won't be driving through CO. But since Dan will have 6 days off every other week, we are definitely planning on making a trip to Denver area this summer/spring. Do you two ever know Val Wax (Tammy wax's sister?) She was roommates with me at CCU - well she is getting married this summer in Omaha. Maybe on the way out to Nebraska we shall come visit! ;) I can't wait to be back in the BIG mountains! Maybe when we get the chance to visit - it will be your home we will visit!! Love to you all!
Jacquie and Dan

Anonymous said...

Just checking on my girl! =)
And had to see your sweet smile today!
Aunt Susan