Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Girl

Faith just keeps truckin' along. She is more smiley than ever- loves to laugh (although you can't hear her we know it's laughter) and is just blossoming. She had a bug last week but has seemed to be back to her old self. He glasses have been ordered and are on it's way. That should be fun (can you sense the sarcasm). When we were trying to fit Faith for frames it was like WWII- that girl can fight! It will be an adjustment for her. In the meantime we've been putting headbands on her to get her used to having some compression around her head- even this has been a battle.
Faith had another bronch last week which still showed lots of swelling- so much that the ENT's said if the trach ever came out and it couldn't go back in they don't even think they could put an ET tube (a breathing tube) down her airway. This kinda helped us gauge how long Faith is going to need her trach (quite a while) however just the trach seems like nothing anymore- our goal in the next year is to nix the vent. So that's about it!!!!
Thanks for making our girl a part of your day!
Brian and Jen

Oh yeah this weekend I was in a store and stopped at an aisle I usually pass- the car seat aisle (Faith has outgrown her infant car seat that she got to use 2 times...) I briefly checked out the styles and prices...a step in the right direction even if it's a baby step.....


Anonymous said...

Baby girl has to keep us on our toes, doesnt she!
Michelle wasnt a headband kind of girl either but she will get used to it eventually!

Glasses on her...I cant wait to see that. How cute is that! Bless your heart!
Are the glasses going to help strengthen the "good eye" or try to help the "not so good eye? How can they tell things about her eyes? I mean how can they tell if she can see or not or how well she can see?
It is amazing the things medical can do now isnt it!

Michelle is going to start volunteering at Baptist Hospital in the NICU or nursery in about week or so. She is VERY excited!

Her smile is so CONTAGIOUS! HA! Gotta love that kid! =) I sure miss her ..OH and you guys too! Just kidding! OF COURSE I miss y'all!

Now Faith: Lets try and get that swelling down so they can make sure we have NO trach problems ok? I know they have poked and proded you ALL the time, but you knwo me...if there is trouble AUNT SUSAN is on her way! =) So you do your part and try to get better and conitue to show these guys how strong you are!

I love and miss you sweet Angel!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say:

Looking at that picture I can hear her laughing....isnt that funny!

Gosh she is ADORABLE with a HUGE "A".

AUnt Susan

CCaron said...

Prayers always for your beautiful Faith. What a gorgeous smile! I am submitting her to my prayer circle as well. It's also very possible she may love the glasses if it enables her to see better! Children can totally surprise us when we least expect it! Blessings, love and prayers.......you truly have a miracle child and I know God chose the best parents. If I were a child with Faith's needs, I would want you to be my mom.
Take care.