Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Girl, Big World

Last weekend we had a picnic outside on the hospital grounds.
Even daddy is having a hard time keeping his eyes open!

As you can see Faith is not a big fan of the great outdoors (she's getting better..) and yes she has sunglasses- she can only tolerate them for so long.
Her favorite toys helped her feel at home!
Safe and sound back in my home away from home.

Yikes! We know it's been a while..our apologies. We no longer have a home computer so it has been difficult to blog! Nothing big or new to report. Faith is doing great. When the weather is nice we are able to take Faith outside (which you never know in this state...when we had our picnic on Saturday it was 75 degrees...less then 24 hours later we had 6 inches of snow at our house!) Nevertheless we are very grateful to the hospital for allowing us to do this because she is in isolation. It's also good for us- not only because it gives us a chance to get some fresh air but it gives us a sense of independence. I (Jen) even took her out by myself yesterday..another step in the right direction. We are still aiming to go home in early June....sooner if nursing comes together (which we all know how that goes) we believe that we will go home when it is meant to be. Interestingly the last time we went home I remember sitting on the couch with Brian and Faith and he kept saying.."I feel like we are doing something wrong..." we both brushed that off thinking that it was because we had spent the previous 6 months in the NICU, but as it turns out we were doing something wrong- we weren't meant to be home at that time. When we think of all the people we have met at Children's it crazy to think that if we had never come here we wouldn't have met them. We know we would not be the same people we are today if this were true. Ok so I know I am rambling again. We'll do the best we can to keep you updated!
Brian and Jen :)


Anonymous said...

YAY she got to go outside! This is so exciting! I am so happy for you guys... We love you guys! Enjoy that freedom and we will keep praying that you will cotinue to have freedom. WE LOVE YOU FAITH!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

WOW how COOL is that! =)

I wish I was at that picnic! Your weather is like ours..CRAZY!!!

I bet she loved being outside nad hearing the birds and seeing butterflies and feeling the wind and sun upon her skin! HOW WONDERFUL!!

WE LOVE YOU FAITH!!! And we MISS you so very much!! Keep on showing everyone how strong you are and soon , you will home when it is time for you to be in your own house in your beautiful bedroom !

We love you,
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and MIchelle

PS Michelle is in an interview as I type this at North Central BAptist Hopstial to volunteer in the NICU and/or nurery.
WHAT floor is Faith on? She wants to work in that same type of area, we werent sure what it is called.

Anonymous said...

This is such a blessing to see Faith outside and having fun. I continue to pray daily for her.


Anonymous said...

Awe she looks awesome and what great progress. One day at a time. And just think she'll be home in time for summer which hopefully as teachers they have a break in summer and can be w/ her 24/7 for a few months while she transitions - God's plan is always in the works isn't it. hah Loved seeing Faith...she's not loved or anything is she hee hee - LOVE her clothes and toys and such - she is WELL CARED FOR (we use that fancy phrase instead of spoiled in my house) haha - I just love it - she just looks happy these days when you see her......thanks for sharing glad to hear such positive news.
Tobie R. Halliburton ( Aunt Sue's friend)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE be careful with her outside in the altitude, dryness, and sun's glare. Are you absolutely certain she is ready for that kind of Colorado onslaught against her body?

'Love you all dearly, keeping you all in my prayers, and hoping the very best for Faith and for you.

Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

I had to come back and "picnic" with y'all! She looks so darn happy and I am sure her body is VERY ready for all the beautiful Colorado weather...she adores it!

Sun is good for her...I bet she loved feelng the warmth on her skin..she is basking in the sun..she looks like a natural!

How wonderful for ALL of you to enjoy such a beautiful day to spend as a family outsode the hospital =)

God bless you and we love ya! Keep on showing everyone Faith that YOU are such a blessing and have brought so much joy to so many people!

Brian and Jen you are doing an awesome job!!

We love ya
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle