Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home (the third time around..)

Faith watches her "shows"

Just like last time ELway is the more interested in Faith then Buffalo.

This is a funny story. We hung a net above Faith's bed for her stuffed animals. While she was taking a nap yesterday they all fell on her. I walked into her room and she was covered with them. To our surprise she was very content and seemed to enjoy that her friends came to visit. She truly has learned not to sweat the small stuff!

Guess what....we're still here!!!! Day 3! Woooooowhooo. I know- we are besides ourselves. The night we came home we went to cut off the orange hospital bands we've worn for the past 8 month..Brian didn't want to cut his off because he said he wanted to keep it just in case we had to go reaction wasn't "don't worry we're not going to go back.." instead I said.."Oh honey they'll just give us a new one!!!" ;) Ok well it looks like that's not going to happen!

Faith is doing great... it's like she's always been home. We're still working out the kinks of having to get around with her and all her equipment. Right now we just have one ventilator set up which is very heavy so we have to haul it up and down the stairs. Next week we will hopefully be getting another one which will make life a lot easier. Nights have been a little rough on all of us. We have an excellent night nurse a few times a week however we are still getting use to the idea of us sleeping while someone else is watching Faith. Last night we didn't have night nursing and it was pretty tough- Faith needed a lot of suctioning and was pretty fussy- plus her vent alarms quite often. Luckily it is the weekend so we can nap when Faith naps.

That's about all the report today. We'll keep you updated!

Brian and Jen (and now Faith too!!!)


tcgforever said...

YEAH!! I am so excited!! Made it to day 3!! here's to day 4, 100, and 18yrs!
(wow, thats a lot of exclamation points)

Anonymous said...

oh this is so exciting! She looks so incredibly happy and it seems as if she has been in your house forever. I love watching her watch TV she is such a big girl! There are many more days at home to come... she is so precious. Give her a kiss from auntie Katie! Tell her I love her.


Anonymous said...

Look at THAT PRECIOUS darling! She looks so HAPPY and fits right in doesnt she! Give her a HUGE huge and KISS from her Aunt Susan..I SURE miss her!

It is so nice to see y'all as a family in YOUR HOME! God bless those nurses and doc's that took such good care of her! =) And all your time and love for her..thank you!

God Bless you and finally being HOME!

Aunt Susan,Uncle Mike(in Atlanta), Steve and Michelle

XO XO XOXOXOXOOXOXOX Lost of kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!! We always knew the day would come when your family would be together under one roof. Seeing the photos of Faith and the photos of you guys with Faith brought tears to my eyes...they are so beautiful and priceless. Our family members are so thrilled Faith is home and doing great. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers. I cant wait to for Faith and Rylie to have a play date this summer.

We love you guys!
Derrick, Charlene -N- Rylie

Suzanne & Parker said...

Welcome home, Faith! All of us on the trach board are rooting for you! Did you know the world was so big!!! Love, Suzanne & Parker

Anonymous said...

You guys Faith looks great! I'm so happy for you guys! Noel told me to tell Faith Hi and she can't wait to see her, hopefully at the march of dimes! Maybe then they can see eachother face-to-face! I continue to pray for the three of you! God Bless,
Tina, Scott and Noel

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are watching the progress that Faith has made, and we are overwhelmed with joy for all of you.

The rough nights come with any baby when you first bring them home. Your experience was just a little delayed, that's all...

Please take care,

The Nesbitts