Monday, April 14, 2008

We're still here!!!!

Here are some pics of Faith's room. When we don't have a night nurse we take turns sleeping on an air mattress in her room. After much deliberation we made a decision that we wanted Faith to sleep in her room. This way she'd have a consistent place to be (rather than in the living room on the nights we have a nurse like we did before...) This also makes this time around seem different- we are still a little nervous about having her sleep in the spot where she almost died. The bottom picture is of Faith snuggling with her daddy Sunday morning.

YAY! DAY 5!!! We made it. Faith has now been home the longest she has ever been home in her life! WOW!!!! I think it's funny how I call people and their first response is..."WHERE ARE YOU? Are you still home?" YES! We are here!!!! Faith is enjoying every minute of it. We are pleasantly surprised with how much she has adjusted (not that she doesn't miss her home at Children's- and not that we don't either!) We'll be back....we have almost weekly appointments at the hospital. In fact Brian was there afternoon getting approval for his sixth graders to paint a mural on the wall next to Faith's room. (yes, don't worry he's going to sneak a butterfly in the picture for Faith!) Other than that that's about it....goodness what are we going to blog about now....I guess no news is good news! Now is the time to blog about celebrations and happy have all stuck with us through the mud and the muck now it's time to see rainbows!
DOn't worry we'll keep you in the loop (we're not going ANYWHERE!!!)
Brian, Jen and Faith :)


Kalar said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Jen & Brian,

No news is definitely good news! what an adorable picture of Faith and daddy together snuggling! She is just going to grow in huge ways! I am so overjoyed for you guys, your baby is finally home and you are still home! WAHOO!!

Love you guys, we pray for you all daily.

Katie & John

Anonymous said...

I just adore all the pictures!! Her little feet in the air and cuddling with Brain...what a dream come true! God is great isnt HE!! =) YAHOOOOO..5 days and many many more years to go!

We pray daily for y'all and KNOW that God said, " It is time for her to be in her home as a family with her parents. How proud I am of you, Jen and Brian!"

Keep sending those pictures..I cant WAIT to come see you..this time at her house for much longer visit! Chelle said she is staying with you HA! She misses you so very much and wants to get to know Brian and heat JalapeƱo poppers all night!
She cant wait to hold "her" baby again and care for her! She starts volunteering at the Baptist children's Hopital in a couple of weeks.

We love and MISS YOU GUYS!

Aunt Susan, Uncle MIke, Steve and Michelle