Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Next American Idol

Watching the Idol finale- I have all I need: The remote, my microphone, my "adorable idol" onesie..and oh yeah my phone...1-888....What'd ya mean I have to vote for a David..I thought Daddy was singing! Yes it's true- Faith has been a fan from day one. Sad to say but she's never missed an idol this season...(her night nurses at TCH can testify to that) so of course she had to get all geared up tonight. :) Seriously though we think she is a little idol herself. Tonight she paid no attention to the TV until one of the finalist started singing and she was enthralled. Every other night we change her trach ties, which is not one of her favorite things. We've recently discovered that if we sing while doing this she instantly calms down. It's kind of a neat little trick- it's like night and day! Maybe this is b/c from the time she was in the NICU we've had a constant stream of music in her room or maybe babies are just naturally soothed by melodies..or perhaps we have a budding little idol one our hands who one day will make one heck of a story (we can see the producers pitching it to the networks....) whatever it is she gets our vote!

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Anonymous said...

Now that IS My girl! I am with you Faith, at least we KNOW a DAVID Will win!

We WILL watch it one day together and sing-a-long with them as well.

We love you!
Aunt Susan