Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Since Faith isn't too fond of walks today we ventured outside to our backyard. Faith did surprisingly well!
Where two or more are gathered there the boys are. As you can see we come as a packaged deal.
Lookin' Sassy!

Boy all that sun made me exhausted! Time to watch my shows!
What a day!
We just wanted to share these pictures with you. Are we normal or what? ;)


Ann said...

I love how relaxed you guys are -- the vent just hanging out in the grass with the peep valve touching the ground. That's just priceless! You are a beautiful family (dogs and all). Thanks for sharing the pictures and, yes ... you are SO normal. :-)


Milo said...

Hi Faith! Isn't it fun to be outside. I went in our backyard to swing and slide and had a great time. At least your peep valve was just in the grass, mine swings through the dirt (we don't have grass just yet). I love the barrett in your hair :0) I'm ready for the zoo, anytime Mon-Thur works for us how about you? Give us a call and we'll set it up, can't wait to see you again.
Miss Ya,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping me up to date, I love getting them. She is just too precious.


Proud Military Mom

Anonymous said...

OKOK third time is the charm!

I have blogged over and over again and for some reason it wont go through!

Faith..AUNT SUSAN has NOT forgotten about you and has been blogging daily, as usual, but SOMETHING has blocked my blogs..I LOVE AND ADORE YOU!

I wish I was with you at your backyard looks like so much FUN!

You look gorgeous darling in the shades..HOW cool are YOU! =)

You and your "brothers" look like you are havign so much fun with family time. I wish I Was there! =)

You are getting so big...that barrett in your hair is simpy beautiful!

Keep the pictures coming!!!

Aunt Susan