Thursday, May 8, 2008

A tiny bump in the road

On Tuesday Faith and I had our first none medical trip into the outside world planned. I was excited to taker her somewhere other than the doctors office. We were going to speak to a group of women about prematurity. Wouldn’t you know it that that’s the one day Faith has an issue!!! We’ve been home for 4 weeks, everyday has been fine and the one day we plan to go somewhere something happens- that's our life. Well it ended up not being a huge deal but I was a little freaked for a while. Faith woke up Tuesday morning with blood around her trach site. Her trach ties were covered and every time I suctioned I got blood. Other then just being messy Faith seemed quite content so we knew she wasn’t in big trouble. Nevertheless the docs were concerned so we took her in. At Children’s they ran some labs, which all came back negative so that ruled out illness. She required a lot of suctioning the night before which probably caused some trauma to her airway. Last night we realized that we’ve been suctioning too far. The catheters we use at home are different than the ones we’ve been using at the hospital so we’ve been going passed her trach which was causing irritation, thus the blood. Poor Faith! Well we’ve corrected the problem and Faith is good to go now. Through this all we’ve discovered another inconvenience about having a medically fragile child- we can’t just get up and go whenever we want. It's virtually impossible to take faith in the car by yourself- there’s just too much equipment. So when the doc called on Tuesday and wanted us to come in and I was by myself and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately we work at a place that is very understanding and Brian got off a little earlier and came with us. Of course if it was a big emergency we would have gone via ambulance (we’ve had plenty of practice at that) but this was not the case. I guess it just made us feel a little trapped- we long for the day where Faith is off of the vent and we can get around with her more easily!
So that's about it. So we didn't mean to scare you all on Tuesday (word quickly spread that Faith had an unplanned trip to Children's and people freaked...) this is probably a normal response knowing our history, but hospital trips have become routine. It was nice, however, not to have to stay! ;)
Brian, Jen and Faith


Anonymous said...

Now My sweet more scares! Hey you two are learning how to deal with all this or cope with all this at home..different I am sure! You guys are doing great and little bumps in the road will come and go..just hang in there and remember it only makes ALL of you stronger!

Keep up the good work! We love and miss you ALOT! I wrote y'all on the last blog about the horrible baby sheets and I guess I never posted it UGH! It owuld have made you laugh! =)

We love ya!

Hugs and Kisses

Aunt Susan and gang

Anonymous said...

You live on ___th street. Two miles away is a girl in a cubicle. She sits there, usually listening to music, reading and typing. On rare occasion does she have a meeting, or one of her supervisors requires a moment of her time. Her pink cell phone is next to her, and she probably looks at it more than she should.

remember this. Seriously, there is no inconvenience in going to your house. Hopefully that might relieve a little bit of stress, when thinking about future not-totally-traumatic-but-we-need-to-go-somewhere moments.