Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

You know you are officially a mom when all you want to do on Mother's Day is take a nap! Well there were no naps to be had (maybe next year?) but we still had a great weekend. On Saturday I did something very un-Jen like- it didn't involve a hospital or work! I went to a Mother's Tea put on by Cerebral Palsy of Colorado. It was really neat to be amongst such inspirational women. Everyone at the table had a special needs child, every mom was my hero. I'm not saying this about myself but I think God truly chooses the strongest, most courageous women to be parents of children with special needs. As I looked around the room I was truly in awe of the strength that was before me! It was also neat to connect with people and various organizations we want to get involved in to make the lives for special needs kids and their families better (I didn't forget about Safe Harbor...we still have big plans for that one!)
It was not only great to get out and do something different for a change it was a breath of fresh air being around people who really "get' what we go through. To put it simply, I was with my people.
Well cross your fingers and your toes because today Faith and I are going to go somewhere that doesn't involve her being poked or prodded- we are going to a hospital, yes but for non-medical related proposes. Brian's 6th grade art class finished the mural and will be presenting it to the Children's Hospital this afternoon. Faith and I (and nurse in tow) are going to make it to the reception- here's to a smooth departure!
We'll take pictures!
Jen :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen!

I had a great time at the tea too. Irene and I think it should be an anual event for us. Guess what, we look to you as a mother who has incredible stregnth. Give yourself credit, you are truly one amazing mom to Faith. I can see her nodding her head and smiling in agreement with me on this one!

I hope you had a good trip today to the hospital and we will probably see the mural this week when we are in the hospital! YEAH!

Take Care-

Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY JEN! YOu have proven Moms can go through anything! YOur stregnth is incredible and your just amazing!

Keep up the good work momma! =)

God sure did make you such a special mommy and I KNOW Faith would agree!

Love you
Aunt Susan

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