Sunday, June 29, 2008


Can you tell that this little stinker is feeling better? The secretions are still crazy (I think Brian suctioned more than 100 times last kidding...) but she seems to be back to her little spunky self this morning. If anything will cheer her up it's the man with the ears!

For the first year of Faith's life she showed no interest at all in TV. We know this is a good thing as babies shouldn't really watch TV in the first place, but it always made us feel different. My friends who had babies always commented on what their child's favorite shows were. This always made me a little sad. It wasn't the fact that Faith didn't like TV but the possibility that she couldn't see the TV. Once she got her glasses she would glace at the TV in the hospital, but it was pretty high up on a shelf so I don't think she could see it very well. Since being home Faith has turned into a TV junky. I know this is bad, but sometimes we just need a breather. We're still not sure how much see "sees" of the TV- she seems to like the music and colors. We do know that she sees something- anytime Mickey Mouse comes on she just goes nuts. When he comes walking up and says "Hey-ya everybody!" It puts the biggest smile on her face, and ours too. This little sense of normalcy gives us some reassurance. Not only is she possibly seeing something but she has a preference, she understands, and most importantly something makes her happy. Little moments like these makes our home feel like the happiest place on earth. :)

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Milo & Janay said...

Milo agrees, Mickey is the best and well Elmo runs a close second. Glad that Faith is feeling better but you wouldn't believe where we are right now! Yup 8 south, sounds like we almost had a mini reunion :0) Milo has a nasty GI bug and was getting dehydrated so rather than risk those consequences of drying out and plugging off we are here. IV fluids and pedialyte are our friends, most of the yuckiness has passed and we hope to go home Monday! Hope you all get some rest, these hospital "bed" are worse than I remembered!

Janay & Milo