Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're still here :)

The good news is we are still home. After speaking with the pulmonary docs at the hospital we decided to try to wait this one out at home. We came to the conclusion that there really isn't anything they'd do there different from what we do at home (after all she's already on a ventilator!) They prescribed steroids, which seem to have already taken effect. Faith seems to be feeling better- she looks like an insomniac now, her eyes are very red and baggy. She hasn't slept in about a day. Hopefully she'll (and we'll) get some much needed rest tonight. So there were no trips to Farmer's markets today...isn't that always how it works? I tell ya. One of these days maybe our lives will slow down! 'Tis life with a medically fragile child I suppose. Well thanks for hanging in there with us, all your prayers were felt!

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Ann said...

Good to hear you are still home and kuddos to your pulmonologist who gets it. One of your biggest assets is having a physician who will work with you to stay out of the hospital.

A special prayer being sent for a good night's sleep for Faith and her parents.