Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Faith Visits the Aquarium

Three reasons why we are field trip crazy: 1.) We are both teachers, have the time, and are hanging onto every last thread of summer we can. 2.) During RSV we won't be going ANYWHERE so we have to live it up now. 3.) We couldn't do these things with Faith for so long, and we only dreamed about them during her 14 months in the hospital so we are living the dream now. :)

We took Faith to the an aquarium in Denver on Monday. She had a blast! Brian's mom is here from Buffalo so it was nice for her to get to experience something new with Faith. It seemed like Faith was looking at the fish but she was kind of "all over the place.." but looking back at the pictures she is really looking at them!!!
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Above: Shark bait!! Below: Faith gets up close and personal with an otter. Doesn't her hair look light in this picture? It's a light brown but the way the light is shinning on it she almost looks like a red head!

Below: Daddy teaches Faith all about fish. Maybe one day she can go fishing with him!

Above: Grandma Reming takes Faith in for a closer look.
You might be wondering how we fit all of Faith's equipment in the stroller (especially you vent parents who know how much you need to take along! And not having a kid kart does make this a challenge!) The answer to this is the stroller has a really deep storage bin underneath that stores the battery and ventilator. We hang the suction machine and oxygen on the handle bars. All the rest of the supplies are in the purple backpack Brian in sporting (what daddy's do for their daughters!)

Above: If you look close enough you can see a stingray.

Isn't it kinda neat to see Faith exploring the world after picture after picture in the same hospital room?


Paula said...

I'm just so happy for Faith... She is very interested in everything that is going on. What a wonderful experience for her. We need a new song " Amazing Faith". What a sweet face. WAY TO GO!

Ann said...

I have to tell you, they sent Jack home from the hospital with one of those kid carts and I used it once. I did not like it at all. A baby belongs in a stroller, even if he/she is on a vent. Jack came home on the Legacy T-bird vent (which is the size of a small air conditioning unit) and we took the tray from the kid cart and made it work with the stroller. Kuddos to you for keeping Faith in her stroller in spite of all the extra equipment. (Jack didn't get his wheelchair until he was over 3 years old).

I'm glad you are squeezing as much Faith time out of the summer as you can get. I enjoy sharing your adventures with you.


Hope said...

How cute is that! I'm so happy you get to do all this with her, finally! She looks like she loves it.

Marissa said...

I love the last picture of Faith. The way she is smiling makes her look like she is getting ready to get into some mischief!!

Yay for field trips!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like a fun trip adn with Grandma Reming! How special is that!

You saw alot things and learned about many things! You look like you had a blast!

Aunt Susan and gang

Roberta Simon said...

We have been praying for Faith off and on since we first heard of her story. Blessing to you and your family. We were happy to read she is home and out and about. Our God is a wonderful God and Faith is blessed beyond measure.

Roberta and Merrill Simon

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