Friday, July 18, 2008

Prayer Request

It's time to call out the troops. Prayer warriors we need you. While we were at The Children's Hospital we met a little girl named Emerson. Emerson has a metabolic disorder and was recently transferred from Denver to Omaha, Nebraska to undergo a multiple organ transplant (pancreas, liver, bowel...) the transplant was their only hope for survival. Today, a month after transplant Emerson is clinging to life. I follow their blog very closely and her mom Erika has asked for many prayers. I am asking you to please keep little Emerson in your prayers tonight.
You can follow Emerson's progress at:


Marissa said...

We are all one big family, aren't we?

Praying hard in the Springs...

Anonymous said...

Please let them KNow Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike have them prayed for tonight.GODS WILL! HE has a PLAN for ALL! =)

God Bless and PRay for healing!