Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sick again?!

Yesterday Brian and I decided to do something out of the ordinary. We haven't "lived it" up in about two years so we decided to take a day and have some fun. We went to Water World (a water park) and had a blast. While we had a lot of fun we couldn't stop thinking of Faith and how we cannot wait to take her to places like that someday (minus the trach of course).

It's just out luck that when we finally do something for ourselves we come back and Faith was a mess. She had a dusky tone, she wasn't smiling, and she was retracting. Her lungs sounded very wheezy, her nostrils were flaring and her heart rate was 180. She is usually on a 1/2 liter of oxygen and her oxygen saturation level is 98...well we put her on a liter of O2 and her sats just stayed above 90. We've grown as parents because we didn't rush to the phone or to the hospital. We knew if we got through the night we could go in the morning (and avoid all of the midnight er hoopla...) We also knew that there wasn't much they'd do there that we couldn't do at home (increase her support, O2, and give her breathing treatments).
Today Faith looked a little better. Since we already have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow the docs wanted us to try to wait until then. She has her smiles back, so we will wait another day.

We want Faith to be around other babies and experience new things but she is showing us that her immune system is compromised and we have to handle her interactions with others with care. This isn't going to stop us from taking her out, but we will be a little bit more cautious. After all it is summer...these are supposed to be her healthy months!

On a happier note here are some pics from our day from you know where... ;)

This is as close to the beach as Faith will ever get (at least for now..) another thing kids with trachs aren't supposed to do is to be around sand (tiny granules and openings in necks that lead to the lungs are not a good match!) (Pics from World of Wonder Children's Museum)
Another thing Faith will not see for a LONG LONG (we're talking decades here...)time is behind the wheel of a car. ;) Lucky for us she wasn't thrilled with the idea either. 'Atta girl Faith!
In the dino cave- Faith is brave!
Ahoy-Matey! Faith sails the high seas (with a little help from daddy).

Home sweet, Grandmas. This was Faith's first time at Grandma Mary's house. My mom of course, was thrilled. :)


Anonymous said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS FOR GOING TOGETHER TO HAVE FUN!!! YAY!! I have been praying you could have a day together for a long time and I am sure you had a blast!! You got to be a couple again and have fun together! LOVE YOU ALL!! Katie and John

Anonymous said...

FIANLLY , Y'all have a Brian and Jen day! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT and everyone survived...tough day but all is good! =)

You have to promise Aunt Susan you will do this at least 1-2 times month!!

I am sure Faith goes through what ALL babies do when their mommie and daddies are out on a date..they get a bit seperation anxity..thats all normal. She probably just missed you!




Aunt Susan,Uncle Mike, Steve(home on 23rd). Michelle

Hope said...

I agree with the others, you both deserve a day out. You both do so much. You need a break once in a while before you both break. Faith will get to do all this soon enough. Enjoy this now, she'll be borrowing your car in no time.:)

Anonymous said...

The strength and courage you both have is remarkable. We stand in awe of your level of courage. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. We feel like better parents because, through Faith's story, we hold our kids tighter and cherish every moment with them. You hang in there, and much love to that little girl...

The Nesbitts

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