Saturday, August 2, 2008

Puppy Love

When we went to Gymboree a few weeks ago there was a sign in the classroom that read, "Who says first words have to be words?" The sign was promoting their baby sign language class.

As you know Faith cannot make noise so audible words will have to wait. We've been working on sign language but Faith doesn't seem to be catching on. Lately we've been concerned about what goes on cognitively with Faith. She is very interactive and happy but she doesn't seem to "get things." For example she doesn't know labels. Multiple times a day we ask her "where's Daddy?" or "where's Mommy?" She just smiles. Kids half her age know and understand words such as "toy" or "bottle." We aren't even sure if she knows her name. Yesterday Faith proved that there's a lot more going on in her little noggin then we thought. We were sitting on the couch and we asked her "Where's Elway?" (Elway is our yellow lab) she looked over in his direction. We both looked at each other...naaa..just a coincidence. Again.."Where's Elway?" Again she looked. Ok...we said..let's test this.."Where's mommy?" She didn't look at Elway, she didn't look at me. "Where's the TV?" Again...she didn't look anywhere. Once more we asked if she knew where Elway was, and again she looked at him.WOW!! It was real!!! Today I kept asking her, and again and again she'd look for him...even when he wasn't in the room. She also did the same thing with our other dog, Buffalo!

I can't even begin to tell you how much this meant to us. It was as if we connected with her. The only thing I can relate this to is what it might be like sitting by someone in a coma and talking to them for months...sometimes years and getting no response..then one day you get a flicker of the hand, or a nod of the head..... all along this person who you thought was not aware of what you've been saying responds to you...they were listening they just didn't have the ability to respond. Until one day it happens....

So we're taking this as Faith's first "words." no they aren't spoken...they aren't even signed...but they are understood. And that speaks volumes to us!

OK so now that we have the sappy story out of the way here are some clips of Faith playing with her "brothers." She is so enthralled with them- anytime they come near her she beams with delight. They are very good to her too- in fact we have to worry more about her hurting them! She really tortures them...grabbing their tails, poking eyes, holding onto their fur as tight as she can. Buffalo (the chocolate lab) tolerates her beatings the best. In the first clip you'll see how Elway gets a little freaked when she goes for the tail:


Marissa said...

I am speechless...

All I can say is AWESOME!!! and...

Watching those videos gave me goose bumps!!


Anonymous said...

She is doing great! I had a question..we cant hear sound on here ( meaning if you guys are talking to her)

I loved seeing her interact with the boys. They seem to know to be gentle with her! Just keep an eye out..sometimes dogs get grouchy!

Y'all look like such a happy family..GOTTA LOVE IT!

I love watching her scoot around on her bottam..she knows what she wants doesnt she! =)

WOW she has come so far just since I saw her in Feb. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

We love and miss you! Steve moved into a new apartment so I will send you his address soon. Same phone number though!

We miss you so much!

Maybe we will come see you when Uncle Mike is in Iraq for 6 months!

Might need some Faith time!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike(TDY on AF stuff), Steve and Michelle

Faith said...

I've never really responded to comments before- I don't know why- but I think I am going to start!
No Aunt Susan you aren't imagining things- there isn't any sound on the video. We take the video with our digital camera (which is VERY old) and there isn't an option to include sound. I am trying to figure out a way to take the videos from our camcorder and get them on here but since it's all recorded on tape I can't seem to figure out how to do it. So I am sorry- I guess we are just going to have to cope with silent films for now. :)
Glad everyone is doing good- we are praying for Uncle Mike!
-Jen :)

Janay said...

I love the video! I can see her giggling even though I know she isn't making a sound. We saw many of those silent giggles with Milo, now they are a little louder & Faith's will be too some day!

Janay & Milo