Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 18 Months Faith!

Yesterday marked Faith's 18th month of life. I can't believe we are parents of an 18 month old...this is probably how parents feel when their children turn 18 years old (x a hundred of course...) Despite going through the hardest year and a half of our lives it's gone rather quick....and to be honest I am glad! Yes part of me is sad that our little girl is growing up but the other part is happy. Growth=better health.

What got us through the 420 days spent in the hospital (Yes...we counted...) was thinking about the future...it's also what gets us through the sleepless nights. I picture Faith 5. Head full of curls, big toothy grin, heading off to Kindergarten with a Dora the Explorer backpack. This "this too shall pass" mentality is sometimes the only thing that gets us through the day.

But now we will relish that our daughter is 18 months old. We will enjoy her silent laughter, delight in her mischievous grins, and take pride that she thinks her mom and dad (and dogs of course) are the coolest people on Earth.

PS: Please remind Faith of that last sentence when she is 18 years old!


Karen from Maryland said...

Happy 18 Months to Faith and to her momma and daddy who got her there! She is such a beautiful little girl. I could look at her sweet picture all day - too cute! Jen, do you have an email that you check regularly - I wanted to drop you a note!


Hope said...

Happy 18 months Faith!! You have the best Mommy and Daddy ever. Let's hope the next 18 months is easier and healthier!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 18 months FAITH!!! YAY!!! You keep remembering how wonderful your mommy and daddy are and how much they love you!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 18 months old my sweet angel!

Faith, you have the sweetest smile and I can see in all those pictures how you laugh and cut up! You are precious!

NOW, on the coolest people on earth....YES your mommy and daddy are pretty cool BUT dont forget your AUNT in Texas...she aint so bad either HA!

We all love you so very much, Faith and how blessed we ALL with you in our lives!

Autn Susan, Uncle MIke(still gone) Steve and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. You can reach me at jennifer_reming@dpsk12.org