Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Lovin'

You know the school year has begun when our blog posts are few and far between. Although we still have a good month until the official end of summer, as teachers we measure summer by when we have to go back to work!

What a special summer it was. Although I taught summer school, it was the longest I ever got to be with Faith (I had a 4 week maternity leave after having her, yes c-section and all). It was just sooooo nice to be a family! I (Jen) will be working part time as a reading specialist again this year which will allow me flexibility to be with Faith.

We have not published the drama we have had with our nurses or the nursing agency- we are taking the high road on that one. As you know we were very worried we wouldn’t find someone by the time school started. Well the LORD really worked everything out and we have found an outstanding nurse to work the days I am at school. We are still working out the kinks as we switch over to a new agency, so I am taking a few weeks off of school until we get everything squared away. Not the way I wanted to start the year off but it is our only choice. We are very blessed and excited about our new nurse though! Now if we could only get some help at night! ;)

I realized that there were a lot of pictures from our summer we have not shared with all of you. So it was a great excuse to put together another montage! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

WHAT A JOY to see my sweet angel growing up so fast and all the new things she is experiencing!

I love to see y'all as a famaily at home in your enviroment and what a long road to get there but YOU DID!

I had no doubt that this day would come.

Her smile is so contagious and so sweet and pure! Cant get any better than that!

Everytime I open her blog to see "whats up" I find myself wanting to reach through and hug my sweet girl and love on know me...sentimental Aunt HAHA!

We love y'all aan are SO proud of you!

Aunt Susan(home) Uncle Mike (in training still in NJ) , Steve (at his place and Michelle (SHOPPING in Houston)

PX Faith...When your great Uncle MIke goes to Iraq again, I need your sweet littel prayers to God for safety and sanity ok! I knew I could count on you baby girl! We will add him to your prayer chain. =)

Marissa said...

Awesome montage!

Looks like it has been a very fun summer, despite all the sickies.

Get better Faith and we'll see you next weekend!!


Anonymous said...

OH you guys had an amazing summer! I love seeing all of her pictures, she is all grown up. LOVE YOU ALL!

Katie and John

Anonymous said...

Hello there Faith,
It looks like you had a very fun summer. You sure have grown a lot. Maybe you can convince your brother's ( dogs ) to take you for horse back rides during the winter,LOL. They are very big and I think they love you. I am glad you are doing well and will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Love always, Beth Mullins
( your Aunt Susans friend)

Anonymous said...

After reading Beths, you know my sister does horse therapy. That MAY be something later you might want to look into!

If you want info I can give you my sisters name and what an experience, she can at least give you info and place in denver to be able to do that!

Autn Susan

Dana said...

I can only imagine the drama with the nurses. Our nursing story is long and tedious. It still goes on even when we've found a good one. Good Luck! I want to post our nurse story. I won't because I feel for those of you who don't have night nurses. I remind myself---- be thankful for what I do have. If I can help we've been through it. Even changed agencies which was scary but good.