Monday, August 11, 2008

Neck Breathers Unite!

We had another special day on Sunday. We had a picnic in the park for Colorado families who have kids with trachs. We got to see Milo and Noel who were at Children's with Faith and we got to meet Marissa and her family (who we met though this blog!) We also met another family who has a little girl as Children's right now. It was a lot of fun to be around people who truly understand what life is like for trach families! Here are some pics from the day:

Tracheosto-mommies: This picture is funny. First we tried to get just the kids in the picture but everyone was having a meltdown (and Faith kept pulling Noel's hair). So we had to get the mommy's involved. As you can see the girls are full of drama, and Milo is just chillin' (such a boy!)

Above: Faith and Milo. Milo is now off of the vent for three hours a day- which is a good thing because he's a runner!
Above: (L-R) Marissa shakes it up while Noel and Faith takes it all in.


Marissa said...

Tracheosto-mommies!! Jen, you are hilarious!!

We had such a blast. It was so great meeting everyone. Isn't it funny how dramatic the girls were (Marissa especially!) vs. Mr. Milo? Nothing phased him!

Look forward to seeing you next weekend!


Ann said...

Now that is one remarkable group of kids (and mommies). How fun!

Anonymous said...

Now that is priceless!!!! What a fun time y'all had!! Poor littel Milo had to take the all the female attitudes but he did it! Way tog o Milo!

How cool to see all their personalities! AND finally see the mommies that blog!

Y'all did and are doing great!

We love ya ( all you kids)

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike ( still TDY in New Jersey), Steve, adn Michelle (Mo-Ranch for PAL's)

Tina said...

That was so much fun! I don't know about you, but I felt pretty normal there with everyone! We have to keep our group going, Mile-High tracheosto-mommies! Thanks for getting us all together.