Sunday, September 14, 2008

Say Cheese!

These days it seems like I'm always blogging in my head. I have several drafts in the works, its just a matter of sitting down and actually finishing them. We'll keep things light today. Here are some pics from the past few weeks:

Having a ball: Daddy and Faith take in the game.
Showing off those toothers and her Broncos' blue and orange.
So where are the glasses? You've got us. Faith has decided that she doesn't "need" them anymore. Anything that gets remotely close to her head is immedaitly thrown off. Those things in her hair? They lasted about 10 seconds....just long enough to snap a few pictures. :)

Tree hugger at heart: Doesn't Faith look like such a Boulder girl in this pic? The only thing missing are the Birkenstocks. Look at Elway in the background- he is resting his head on the oxygen tank...oh the ability to adapt. Those of you with young teens or "tweens" will appreciate this: May I present to you the fourth Jonas Brother. Or should we say the Jonas sister. Post-bath Faith's curly mop is at it's finest. :) (Brian assured me that 90% of our blog readers won't know who the Jonas Brothers are. To this I replied, "well then the 10% that do will get a kick out of it. "
Faith is becoming increasingly more aware of the world around her. A few weeks ago I caught her starring at the butterflies on the sheets of her crib. This was such a neat moment for me. She also has recently discovered her feeding pump. I think she thinks her crib comes furnished with it's very own TV. She is intrigued by the bright screen. You might also notice that Faith is on her tummy! I really hope her therapist at Children's are reading this because they know what a big accomplishment this is!

And you asked for it Ann so here's the Autumn cheese. To get the entire affect I'd have to show ya room by room but I will spare you all the boredom (this another story).

That's all for now. It's time to get caught up on "life" and get ready for the week (this weekend sure seemed to fly by). At least we'll get this week off on a good start- in a collision of cosmically too-good-to-be-true events we are finishing up a string of 3 nights in a row with a night nurse! Let us know if you see any pigs with wings. ;)

We hope you have a great one,

Brian and Jen :)


Ann said...

Jen, you sound just like me -- I'm always blogging in my head too. When a "heavy" subject comes to mind, it usually takes me a while to get it written. I've got one started but can't find the time to finish (there's something about sleep that appeals to me more :-)

Your house is festive and beautiful. I love the Fall ... not that we get much of a Fall in Phoenix. I'll get to experience a bit of Fall when we are in St. Louis is a few weeks.

Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a great week and give Faith a high five from Jack!


Marissa said...

No Jen, no haircut for Marissa, just Friday night bath. I still have no idea when I'll be comfortable giving her the first haircut. Just can't bring myself to do it!

Love the pics, especially the Jonas Sister. Tell Brian to hush! ;)


Dana said...

Love the fall centerpiece. What is it made of and where did you find it? It's the nicest one I've seen.

I know the Jonas brothers. I get it. I love the curly hair. There's a lot to be said for naturally curly hair.

Faith said...

Alicia- I totally understand! I know evntually we'll have to do something about Faith's often unruly hair but I don't know if I am ready for her 1st haircut. We're going to have to do something soon though- poor kid's got a mullet!

Dana: Thank you- you are too sweet. Actually centerpiece is from our wedding! Brian and I got married in the fall and have put up the decorations from our wedding ever since! I think family/friends made it from stuff found at Micheals. And yes, it is fake. For the longest time I was very against fake plants- and then we had Faith and now I can barely keep fake plants alive. ;) Love the dancing pics btw- YOU are an inspiration!

And Ann- After the response from my post a few weeks ago I promised myself I wouldn't get personal or "heavy" with the blog anymore..but with the help of some good friends ;) I realized that this IS personal and I cannot continue to just write about the fluff and be phony. But then again sometimes we need the fluff- pumpkins and all. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok Brian..first things first...Aunt Susan KNOWS who the JOnas brothers are HA-Ha

ALso , Faith, you have curly hair like your cousin Michelle!

I also wanted thank you guys for allowing us to read about the other wonderful Children who I feel like and Aunt to them all! =)
I find myself goign back to the park picture with teh "trach kids" and love them all. THANK YOU for sharing your friends with us!

Jen..nice festive are WAY AHEAD of me.

We love and miss you terribly..I am trying to figure how to start a blog for when Mike deploys to help me get through it and share thoughts with others to read so it may help them. So BRIAN, any ideas how I do this.


Love to you
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and MIchelle

Faith said...

Hey Aunt Susan!! You must be on at the same time!!! I will pass the message along to Brian about the Jonas Brothers..we're 3/3 now! ;)

Yes! I think a blog while Uncle Mike is deployed is a GREAT idea. Just go to and you can set one up. E-mail me is you want more info (and actually Brian has never done a thing on this blog..shhh don't tell...he likes getting the credit! j/k)

I was just looking at pics of you guys from our wedding. All of the fall decorations around the house remind me of your sweet family. :)

Marissa said...

Hi Aunt Susan, my name is Alicia and my daughter is Marissa. Thank you for your sweet comment about all our kids. Marissa could always use another Aunt! I don't know if you have ever checked out Marissa's blog, but it is

I'd love to check in on a blog about your family. I'll be praying for Uncle Mike and his deployment.

Hope said...

I love Faith's curls! She's aware of more than anyone gives her credit for:) And I really wish I didn't know who the Jo-Bros were! That's ALL I hear about from my 8 year old. Great pics, Jen!