Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This just might make you smile too.....

I received an e-mail last night from a fellow trach/vent mom who just brought her baby home from the hospital. I got such a kick out of it. It truly made my week. Here's what it said:

"You know you're a special mommy when you hear something beeping and frantically run through the house checking all the equipment and the baby all the while your cookies are burning in the oven!! "

The mental picture I have of this mom running around her house checking all of the equipment while her oven beeps is just so amusing to me. Maybe this is because I too have been frazzled by non-medical beeps.....maybe it's because the fact that we can find humor in this twisted world we are all immersed in is refreshing...or maybe it's because when we met as Colorado trach mommies last month this mom was there but her daughter was not- and when we meet in a couple of weeks she will be...maybe it's because I know how good it feels to finally be able to bring your baby home and I am so incredibly happy that another mom finally has her chance to experience that same joy.

Wishing you that same kind of joy this week,
Brian and Jen

Little after thought: It just irks me that children and families are just sitting in hospitals waiting for nursing. I am on a mission to start advocating for these families.

One more.... we were so excited when we saw a clip of a rally for Amendment 51 on the news tonight...until we watched the less then a minute "segment" that didn't mention anything about what the bill was for or who it would affect. UGH! So we need to call out the troops and get the word out. Next week yard signs will be available as well as bumper stickers. If you live in the Denver metro area and want one, I will personally drive it over to you!!! (Yes, this means that much to us!)


Ann said...

I don't know if I should admit this, but as a not-so-new trach/vent mom ... I tend to ignore the alarms anymore. (Yikes!)

Jen, you ROCK! If you get a chance, read my blog thought "A Vessel". Our kids were given to us for a reason. I'm so proud of you - to hear that you have moved beyond "your" world and are already reaching out to your fellow sorority sisters. I was no where near the point you are this early in the game. You truly are amazing!

Lots of love,

Marissa said...

Even though we don't have as many bells and whistles as some because Marissa is not on a vent, I too can relate to that story. On more than one occasion when there has been road construction on the street outside our house and a big truck is backing up I think to myself, "why do I hear beeping, she is not being fed right now?!?"

I am really curious about the Safe Harbor Project and learning how I can help. :)


Dana said...

Totally funny! I have had more than a few things burn because The BEEPING won't stop. SHe always beeps when I'm making dinner. Why is that? Ignoring it doesn't make it stop. Thanks for your post on my blog.

Carmen said...

Hello. I found my way here via the deMellos, Ann, and here. I'm originally from Southern Illinois which is how I learned of the deMellos but I live in Denver. I hadn't heard of Amendment 51. With this being one of the longest ballots ever, I'm trying to take the time to get familiar with the issues. I've read your link and will vote YES on Amendment 51 and am encouraging all my friends to vote yes also. Thanks for bringing this important issue to my attention. The blog world is a small world.

Krispykreme41691 said...

Hey, Jen,
It's Kristin. I just can't get over how sweet faith is and how wonderful you and Brian are. You guys totally touched me last night. I can't wait to stop by and see you guys again and let you get a night out. :)You guys are always in our prayers, and i LOVED the cookie story!
Love you guys,
Kristin Miller

Faith said...

Carmen- I'm so glad you found us! And I Am SOOOOOOO glad you now know about 51. Not many people do so we are trying to get the word out. Thanks for stopping by!!

Kristin- You are too sweet! We cannot thank you enough for what you guys did for us. THANK YOU!!!! I need your address because I have an orphan earning of yours!! I do that all the time- I can't tell you how many times someone asks me "Are you going for the pirate look or did you lose an earing?" (Ok they don't really ask me that but I am sure they were thinking it!) Anyhow shoot me an e-mail (jen22at@hotmail.com) with your address so I can send it to you.
You're the best!
Jen :)

Anonymous said...

That is a smile maker isnt it!

Oh gosh, I cant imagine.

You ALL on this blog have doen a tremendous job! I try to keep up with y'all to see how everyone is growing and what new thins they have done and it is such a JOY to grow with them!

Faith , thank you for sharing your friends with me and Jenand Brian thank you as well!

We love ya and keep y'all in our prayers daily.

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, Steve and Michelle