Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For our little butterfly, on your birthday....

Too soon you left your Mother’s watery embrace,

Too soon you sprung from her internal nest,

Too soon the gift of you unwrapped…

And yet, sweet child, you were on time.

On time to tell of Cradling Palm and Giver of your name,

On time to force to trembling knees witness of unseasoned clay,

On time to wish our pulse and breath into your fragile frame…

On time, sweet child, on time.

And what of tomorrows – yours and ours?

Of dreams long held and dreams unspun?

What of the Promise with which you came?

The Promise lives, the Promise waits,

To enfold you in His strong embrace.

From distant worlds you arrived on time

To a place prepared you shall return, in time.

And of the interval inbetween?

And through each eternal spring?

You’ll share our hearts, our love, our faith,

O precious child, who came on time.

-Sharon Morcos

Happy Birthday precious Faith! We love you!

Mommy & Daddy too


Ann said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday Faith.

Marissa said...

Wow, that was beautiful!

Happy birthday big girl! We are all so proud of you Faith for all you have accomplished in these short two years. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

We love you,

Alicia, Jeremy, and Marissa

Hope said...

What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Faith! You have accomplished so much, such a fighter you are.

Marissa said...

Hey Jen, I already sent you an e-mail regarding this, but I thought I would cover all my bases since my e-mails seem to get lost frequently among the viagra ads! ;)

I wanted to know if you would be ok with me putting a post on my blog about Faith and her birthday today. I wanted any of my readers who may not know your story to read my post and hop on over to your blog and wish her a happy birthday today. Would it be ok if I did this and linked to your blog in my post?

I hope you all are feeling better and are able to enjoy something special with Faith tonight.


Anonymous said...


My Goodness I cant believe It, It feels like yesterday I was JUST there surprising your mommy and daddy and meeting you on your 1st birthday!

YOu have shown so many peopel what having a littel "FAITH" truly means! I said from dayone...NO worries, you will show them that you will pull through adn you will show peopel what FAITH and LOVE and endurance will be..I would end with always saying, " YOU GO GIRL"

Well girl..HAVE a VERY happy birthday and Aunt Susan wishes she was there to help celebrate!!

We love you very much adn are SO proud of you! You show us new things everyday!


All our love
Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike (in Iraq) Steve and Michelle!

Aunt Susan said...
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Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike said...



Tina said...

Happy Birthday Faith!! We love you so much!!
Tina, Noel and Scott

Jen said...

That was wonderful and beautiful at the same time.

Happy Birthday Faith!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Faith, the little butterfly.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Faith! Amazing pictures!

Thanks for helping out my sister so much!

Michelle Thaxton (Alicia's sister and Marissa's Aunt!)

Nana and PaPa said...

Faith, we wish you a VERY happy birthday and SO many more to come. Even though we've never met you in person, I feel like we know you very well. Alicai keeps us posted on your progress. Keep growing and progressing sweet soul.
Joyce & Larry Little (Alicia's mom and step-dad

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Faith! It's your cousin, Beth's birthday today too (she's 16). One day maybe you could meet her. We'll eat an extra cupcake for you. Your gift of climbing stairs inspires us. Way to go!!!!

Love Aunt Libby and Uncle Robert

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Faith!

Janay said...

Happy Birthday Faith!! You've come such a long way and I knew you could do it :0) Can't wait to play with you again. As soon as I figure out how to use the phone, I'll call ya for a date.

Miss ya,
Milo (& his mom too)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Faith, and Congratulations Brian and Jen for making it through 2 years with flying colors. I never post but I'm always checking the blog and praying for you guys.

Amy Van Vranken

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Faith- you are a beautiful little girl who is amazing in all you do!! Awesome post Jen!
Auntie Erin

Karen said...

Happy Birthday. You are a beautiful girl and have so much to be proud of.

Karen, David, Faith, and Natalie

Anonymous said...

yay!! Happy Birthday Faith!

John Gensic said...

I just read your story. I just found your blog through Marissa's. Your story is intriguing. I was fascinated how eerily similar your road with Faith was like ours with Mikan (vents, trachs, g-tubes, night terrors with home nursing, etc.). But I guess so many of us with special needs children have similar experiences. I'm impressed with your accomplishments with Faith. She's absolutely beautiful.


Ayden said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Faith... sorry I am a little late!! :)