Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Years Old and LOVING IT!

My daughter turned two and I forgot how to blog! Really, this week has just slipped away from me. So here's your weekly update:

Faith had a very nice birthday. We kept things very low key this year (I know, those of you who know me are wondering how that is possible). Faith spent the day of her birthday being evaluated for an augmentative communication device (more on that later) which was pretty cool. Over the weekend we had a little family party, once again keeping it simple. :)

As usual the opening presents thing was are some pics from her soecial day:

I may only be 2, but c'mon Ariel, those shells can't be real!

Ok guys...what the heck is THIS supposed to be?

Really, Mom? A play kitchen? I know we are living in a post-feminist society, but don't you think this is reinforcing stereotypes we've worked so hard to nullify?

Who needs cake when you can have some rim? And they say I have an oral aversion...

FINALLY, they listen to me.... What a girl REALLY wants....

Here are some shots from our little get together this past weekend:
An OT's dream: While this appears to be a typical picture from a 2 year-old's birthday, we have never seen anything like this before! Faith FREAKS whenever she touches anything food realted. She's gone through lots of therapy to "desensitize" her to textures of food, but she HATES every minute of it. So when she GRABBED the ice cream container and started playing with it, we were AMAZED!!! (not only is it FOOD, but it's COLD!!!!) Looks like all that time spent in the dogs' bowls is paying off....

Now, we are not ones to get all fancy and put Faith in a dress (when your child doesn't walk, it's really impractical) but we couldn't resist when uncle Josh gave her this beautiful brown dress last Christmas. Not only was it as cute as can be but it served multiple purposes as it immobilized her enough to actually sit still.
This is one of those "you-had-to-have-been-there-to-appreciate-it" pictures. Since we do not take Faith out (respiratory season isolation) she doesn't get much interaction with kids, yet alone get up close an personal with one! So when my brother's girlfriend's son came over, Faith was completely enamoured with him. It was too funny. It was like she said, "enough with these boring adults, I wanna play with someone my own age!" Poor Gabe was tortured as he tried to play video games.

So that's that. Our girl is now an official 2 year old and although she seems very "un-two" we really don't know any different, so it's OK with us. I still cannot believe that we have ALL made it this far! Here's to many more 2's to come!

Thanks for all of the birthday well wishes!
Jen & Co


Ann said...

I love the pictures and I especially love your captions Jen -- too funny!

Marissa said...

I am lovin' the kleenex and ice cream pictures... priceless!!

Glad to see a good time was had by all. She looks so grown up.


Anonymous said...

OH the Ice cream is so awesome!! LOVED IT!! LOve you guys hopefully we can catch eachother soon!



Anonymous said...

Bless her sweet little heart. I love reading and seeing what a sweet little monkey she is!