Sunday, March 1, 2009

In like a lion...

This is more or less an extension of my last post, or should I say, an update:

As feared, the evil stomach bug came for the Reming clan. It took me out Friday night, and hit Brian while he was in the emergency room with Faith on Saturday. Faith has been slow to recover from her bout with what had to be none other than the stomach flu (trust us, we just experienced it, it's no doubt the flu). She is dehydrated (yes, even with a steady stream of Pedialyte), and extremely irritable and restless. Faith was "boarderline" on being admitted, but Brian had no choice but to bring her home, he was in no shape to take care of her at the hospital, nor was I.

Unfortunately, it looks like Faith's issues are beginning to become respiratory related. Work of breathing, yellow secretions and the usual winter fare...which can only mean some tough days ahead.

The really really crappy part of this situation was having to take care of Faith while being sick ourselves. When you are sick you just want to crawl up into a bawl and recover, but when you have a medically fragile child that requires skilled care, that responsibility falls on you.

Alright...well here's hoping the rest of March is more kinder, and gentler than this past Winter has been...we're due for a lamb!

Jen & CO.

PS: A HUGE thankful to all who helped us while we were Uncle Paul who brought us ginger ale, brother Josh who escorted Brian and Faith to the ER Saturday night, and my mom who selflessly entered our viral-infected home and came to our aid.


Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike said...

Gosh I hop ey'all start feelign better! I was real sick ion Jan and cant imagone being that sick and caring for a child BUT we do it because thats what we need to do. I WISH I was there to help you adn I am glad you got help from teh family..they are pretty awesome people.
Well I mustget ready for work..I love you guys and miss you SO much!

Sending you loads of HUGS and KISSES and WARMTH!

Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike (Iraq) Steve and Michelle

Marissa said...

It stinks so bad that you all are sick again, but I am so happy and relieved that you had family to give you a hand. That matters probably more than anybody knows!



Jen said...

I hope you all start feeling better sooner than later. It sounds like you had a very rough weekend.

Hope you all get better ASAP

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh,

I hope you guys feel better soon. We are so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.... I wish we could do something to help you guys. We love you and we are thinking of you.

Katie and John

Ann said...

Hugs!! You need chocolate! :-)